Elephants and Stars Find the Dark Heart of Pop on New Single “Bled Out at the Scene”

Cars/Springsteen Influenced Track From Forthcoming Get Your Own Army EP

(photo: Mitch McKinney)

Toronto outfit Elephants And Stars present “Bled Out at the Scene”, the first single from their upcoming EP “Get Your Own Army”, available September 1st on Spotify and all the major music services.

Bled Out at the Scene” is a Cars/Springsteen-influenced rocker that showcases the band’s uncanny ability to find the dark heart that’s beating away at pop music’s gooey center. With a chorus that gets in your head and stays there, frontman Manfred Stittmann’s meditation about an acrimonious breakup will have audiences pumping their fists and crying into their beers alike.

The band’s follow-up to their 2022 full-length “Last Chance Power Drive”, “Get Your Own Army” was produced by Steve Chahley and mixed by Ron Hawkins of alt-rock legends Lowest Of The Low. Elephants And Stars is the third project formed around the long-running creative partnership of Manfred Stittmann and bassist Mike MacMillan, both of whom also formed the core of the late-’90s/early-2000s groups Soap Opera and The First Time.