Transient is a hard rock/metal band from New Orleans, Louisiana. It was the brainchild of veteran musician Jody Linnell, former bassist of Smile Empty Soul and 12 Stones. After starting out as a solo project, Linnell brought in a trio of talented friends to round out the lineup – Trey J. Mollo (vocals); Emmett Shumate (guitar); and Phil Krohn (drums). Together, this talented group is doing big things with their music as well as their live performances.

The band earned a bigger following in 2022 after playing the WCPR 97.9 CPR Fest in Biloxi, Mississippi in April, which included Nonpoint, Badflower, Seether, and 3 Doors Down. Transient went on to play at various venues on the Gulf Coast throughout the year, and was selected as part of the lineup for The Sound 228 radio station’s Rockin The Sound festival scheduled for March 18th, 2023 at Point Cadet in Biloxi, along with bands such as Nonpoint, Adelita’s Way, and Gemini Syndrome. The band is ready to expand its horizons and play in other areas of the country. Anyone lucky enough to see their dynamic and energetic live performances will be an instant fan.

Transient released two amazing songs in 2022, “Sow” and “Seed”. Both tracks are off their EP, Lotus. The band’s music can be described as melodic yet powerful and heavy. The dual guitars, thunderous drums, and mesmerizing singing voice of Mollo combined with some hard vocals blend perfectly into a unique sound. There are also some electronic elements sprinkled in which keeps the listener on their toes, and the breakdowns will appeal to any metalcore fan. The band’s music seems to always be evolving and growing with each new track and there is no doubt more awesome tunes will be coming from Transient for years to come.

Making 2022 even more memorable for Transient was signing with Pepper Gomez’s WakeUp! Music Rocks record label, teaming up with MASSIVE MEDIA MS for booking, and, most recently, joining MVK Music Group for artist management. With a great team behind this talented band, the future is bright for Transient.