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Rusty Santos shares new single / video “Smile Song” feat. Bedroom

Rusty Santos recently announced the follow-up to his 2022 solo album, High Reality, with New Wave in California, due July 14. Today he is sharing the new single “Smile Song” featuring Bedroom. Santos recently teamed up with Bedroom as the producer on his most recent LP, Thread.

Pop/Soul Artist LIAM HORNE Releases New Single “All On Me” + Official Music Video to all major platforms

Pop/Soul artist LIAM HORNE released his new single “All on Me” to all major platforms along with the official music video. The single was produced by Rich Skillz and written by Robin Thicke, Liam Horne and Rich Skillz Velonskis.

KRIGSGRAV Stream Entirety Of Fires In The Fall

Texan black metal trio KRIGSGRAV are streaming the entirety of their new album Fires In The Fall at Metal Injection. The album will be released on June 23rd, 2023 via Wise Blood Records.

Full Album Stream: KRIGSGRAV Fires In The Fall

Afghan-American activist Ariana Delawari announces new album, I Will Remember, shares new single featuring Farmer Dave Scher

IN SΦNDER Unleash Video For “Damage Control”

“We have no intention of slowing down and that is evident in our next single, ‘Damage Control’! The driving drums paired with heavy guitars and roaring synths maintain the consistent pace of the song, while alleviating only enough to showcase the soaring female vocals. Melancholic verses and tense choruses are flanked by heavy riffs, blazing keyboards and harsh vocals high and low. We’re all proud of this one, it’s a real pulse-pounder, from start to finish!” – Jonny Young

Jess Kallen Releases Debut LP ‘Exotherm’ Today | Under The Radar Unveils “Oolong” Video

Today, LA’s Jess Kallen (they/them) has released their debut album Exotherm on New Professor Music. Earning acclaim spanning The Alternative, GLAAD, Buzzbands.LA, Tinnitist and more, it is a dynamic collection of soothing strums, sparkling finger plucks and booming choruses, through which Kallen maneuvers anger and confusion while holding room for silliness (and a soft spot for non-human critters). Kallen puts themself under the microscope and celebrates emotional growth on final album single “Oolong” premiered with Under The Radar today.

Americana artist Sarah Jane Scouten shares track + visualizer: “Wilder When I Was With You” out now

Out today, “Wilder When I Was With You” captures the joy and freedom of growing up and getting in trouble. Co-written with Samantha Parton of The BeGood Tanyas, who also grew up on the West Coast of Canada, the track took shape after a short voice memo Parton sent Scouten of the hook. “She sent me a little voice memo with the warbling hook, ‘Whoa, I was wilder when I was with you’ and I just filled in the rest,” recalls Scouten.

Burnout Brigades Latest Anthem “KNIVES” drops Friday

“KNIVES” is a gripping breakup anthem that screams with feels. “KNIVES” resonates with a raw, emotionally charged hook that careens through a sonic galaxy of starry eyed guitars , stabbing strings and hype inducing drum fills that takes listeners on a journey through the tumultuous feels of a failed relationship. “KNIVES” rips deep into the human experience of loss, exploring the vacuum of such through evocative lyrics , evoking the pain and longing that linger long after a deep connection has been severed.

CANINE Release New Single “Mad For The Dead”

Israeli metalcore warriors CANINE have released their latest single, “Mad For The Dead”, on June 21, 2023. This is the third of many planned singles, leading up to their second full-length, Perception, due out early 2024.

The band comments on the single: “‘Mad For The Dead’ is our take on the inability to let go of a loved one, taking heavy inspiration from Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary”. If you had the power to revive that loved one, not knowing the ramifications of your actions. Would you?”

VENBEE x RUDIMENTAL release “die young”

Dolly Parton/Jon Batiste/ Debbie Harry collaborator new single/video

Meet Mati Gavriel, the multi-talented musician, singer, and producer with a global upbringing that is as diverse and intriguing as his music. Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, with a German mother and Italian/Greek Jewish father, Mati grew up in Germany and moved to London at the age of 18 to pursue a degree in sound engineering. He now resides between Los Angeles, New York, and Italy.

MIDNIGHTCHOIR Shares “Into The Abyss” Single + Lyric Video via EARMILK

Hiphop Storyteller Odario Collaborates with Jazz Band Good Information on New Single “Do Nada”

Always pushing himself creatively, Odario recently collaborated with Edmonton jazz group Good Information on “Do Nada,” a song about doing nothing. With the post-pandemic era seemingly ramped back up to speed, maybe even at a faster pace, “Do Nada” goes out to all the hopeless romantics in search of a simpler, uncomplicated lifestyle. It’s about taking a moment to reflect on a rapidly spinning world. In a society so caught up with overachieving, Odario has written an anthem for the beloved underachievers.

Skope: Jess Kallen new video, LP out today

LA’s folk-rock artist Jess Kallen released their debut album Exotherm today on New Professor Music and released the final single “Oolong” today! It is a dynamic collection of soothing strums, sparkling finger plucks and booming choruses, earning acclaim spanning The Alternative, Under The Radar, GLAAD, Buzzbands.LA, Tinnitist and more. They also play in various projects including Rosie Tucker & Alex Lahey.

Chloe Jane Shares “Borderline” (Madonna Cover) Video

BONE DAGGER Release New Single “Cycle Of The Self”

Heavy rock outfit BONE DAGGER have revealed their new track “Cycle Of The Self”. The song is from their upcoming EP The Veil which will be released on August 18th 2023.

June 21st Kodiak Arcade encourages you to rise to the challenge on “Time Waits For No One”

Graeme wanted to make an anthemic track about fostering personal resilience and about how, like ourselves, many things in nature need to be stressed to improve and grow – from our muscle fibers, to our immune systems, to the hardening of plants fighting the elements, this seems to be a truism – and our own lives are no exception to the general rule. Nature and circumstance routinely say “take this” and it is up to do something useful with the tension that’s dealt to us.

Australian Pop Artist EDDIE BENJAMIN Shares “Over The Moon” Music Video Off New EP “Weatherman”

CEO Trayle Does The Most in “Watching Me Grow” Video Single

Free associating slick punchlines with his soft-spoken flow, CEO Trayle pioneered his own style of highfalutin trap music. Unleashing his latest torrent of savvy street talk, Trayle shares “Watching Me Grow.” Twirling his metaphorical mustache as he snakes around jazzy flutes, haunting vocal samples, and twinkling keys, Atlanta’s most villainous emcee draws from his bottomless bag of rhymes, starting from the bottom (“Type of n**** we thought he was gonna go broke on a chain”), before revealing his how rhyming success changed his family’s perspective: “All my bruddas, they watching me grow/My big sister, she proud of lil’ bro,” says Trayle. Shot in cinematic black-and-white, the video for “Watching Me Grow” finds Trayle in his element, as he cooks up in the studio and delivers his marathon verse.


With a lithely powerful tenor and rare emotional courage, Breez Kennedy was born to be a loverboy. Pairing supple melodies with unfiltered memories of wounded relationships, he distills a reservoir of sensations through wide-eyed love songs—anthems for dreamers who aren’t afraid to get lost in their feelings.

ALL MEN UNTO ME Announce New Album In Chemical Transit

In Chemical Transit is ALL MEN UNTO ME’s striking and poignant debut. Through historic recordings of Rylan Gleave’s voice — pre-transition, 8 weeks on testosterone, and 2.5 years on Testosterone — In Chemical Transit is a time capsule of voices that will never sound again. In Chemical Transit will be released on June 29th, 2023, with a live launch show at St Vincent’s Chapel in Edinburgh on June, 30th.

dayaway (mem CLAVVS) Share “a brief dream of sun” Single + Lyric Video via CHORUS.FM

dayaway (the dreamy indie-pop project of Amber Renee and Graham Marsh of CLAVVS) just announced a brand new EP, blue summer moon, out August 30 via Turn To Wind. The EP, as described by the duo, is “a collection of songs that tell a story of love and loss; each song is a new phase of that story.” They continue, “Naturally, we’re releasing it on the only blue moon of the year, August 30th, 2023.”

NATHANAEL LAROCHETTE: Decibel Magazine Premieres “Path”

Decibel Magazine is currently streaming “Path” from Musk Ox/The Night Watch guitarist and Agalloch collaborator NATHANAEL LAROCHETTE. The track comes by way of LAROCHETTE’s second full-length Old Growth, a moving collection of solo acoustic compositions recorded live (often by candlelight) in a woodland cabin on the shores of White Lake, Ontario.

Track Premiere: Nathanael Larochette – “Path”

Malick Koly Shares “Dolòr” Video via EARMILK

Earlier this spring, NYC-based singer-songwriter, drummer, and producer Malick Koly announced his brand new EP, Feel Bad Fest, due August 18. Following the recent release of singles from the project — “Dolòr” and “Heaven For Now” (featuring Ron Carter and Vernon Reid) — today, Koly shares a brand new video for the former, “Dolòr.”