Birds are Better Present ‘The Island (Part One)’

A certain sound has evolved only in the last musical generation, a blend of 60’s folk and 21st-century poise, rootsy structures with added electronica, its edges and corners softened with an ambient vibe. Cosmic folk? Ambient roots music? Call it what you will, but you certainly have that sound echoing in the likes of Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear, and Cave Singers. Yes, you may have heard it before, but rarely will you find it done as well as here.

The Island (Part One) is a gorgeous collection of songs, campfire music begging to be played under wide-open night skies as you warm yourself against the flames. Recent single, Seven in The Morning, opens the album up with a fantastic blend of jaunty, Simon & Garfunkle-esque folk driven by minimal washes of electronica. There are more country grooves with Nothing Is Real When I’m Away From You, moments of almost a capella beauty on Oh Mother, and something more upbeat and eclectic on Fencing You In.

Music learns from the past to create music for the present. That way, the future lies.