Bianca Jazmine washes & refreshes listeners with new summer-friendly single “Marble Queen”

Bianca Jazmine, the rising star of indie music, has unveiled her latest enchanting creation, “Marble Queen.” The song immerses listeners in a vibrant world of plant-inspired melodies, fruity harmonies, and radiant sunshine, blurring lines between indie pop and dreamy soul. Fans of Plantasia will appreciate the homage to nature’s symphony, while the infusion of organic and electronic elements adds a modern twist that keeps the sound fresh and captivating.

Bianca’s velvety vocals, reminiscent of a cool breeze on a warm summer day, effortlessly dance above swelling synths and jazzy chords, inviting listeners to lose themselves in its ethereal embrace. She dedicates the endearing lyrics to her growing houseplant, a marble queen pothos, in a way that cleverly reflects the growth within herself too. The track builds to an impressive flute solo performance by Bianca, showcasing her virtuosity and dynamism as an artist.


As an emerging indie talent, Bianca Jazmine continues to make waves with her unique musical style and artistic authenticity. “Marble Queen” is a testament to her creative brilliance, just in time to form the feel-good track of the season.