Embrace the Outdoor Splendour with Modern Garden Rooms

Discover the allure of a seamless blend of indoor comfort and outdoor tranquillity with Modern Garden Rooms. Known for their exceptional design versatility and attractive aesthetics, our garden rooms offer a truly delightful addition to your home, promising functional living spaces that bring you closer to nature.

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The Canopy Garden Room, one of our most popular designs, encapsulates the quintessence of outdoor living. Complete with an integrated decking area, it provides a harmonious connection between your garden room and the outdoors. The one-metre canopy, adorned with downlights, not only enhances the entrance but also bestows a modern look on the room. Available in sizes from 6 to 50 square metres, the Canopy Garden Room caters to both small gardens and those requiring ample space.

The Cube Garden Room, designed to allow plentiful natural light, presents a plethora of possibilities. This is where relaxation meets inspiration – a perfect space to unwind, work or create. The Cube is adaptable, including a one-metre decking area, perfect for soaking in the sun. If you’ve envisaged an office amidst nature, the Cube might just be the ideal fit.

Offering a modern twist, our Rendered Garden Room is perfect for those desiring a sleeker appearance beyond the classic red cedar cladding. Available in over 800 colours, this room adds a unique touch to your home office. Complete with an integrated decking area, this design can be tailored to your specifications. If a canopy interests you, we’re here to accommodate!

The Concave Garden Room, while incorporating the excellent features of our Canopy Garden Room, stands out with its enclosed decking area. This subtle difference grants the room an aura of privacy, making it perfect for a treatment room or a secluded work space. Regardless of the size, the Concave Room ensures a private, stunningly modern space.

Our Border Garden Room elevates luxury with a striking powder-coated metal trim surrounding the entrance. Available in four colour options, this design is enhanced with large doors and an optional decking area, offering a panoramic view of your garden. As versatile as it gets, the Border Garden Room can be transformed into your desired space.

Safety and comfort are our top priorities.

Equipped with high-performance insulation, our garden rooms are designed to keep the cold at bay. Further, a range of customisable heating options including wall-mounted radiators, underfloor heating, and powerful air conditioning ensures a cosy and warm space throughout the year.

You might wonder if our garden rooms can be divided or have multiple rooms – the answer is a definitive yes! Create multiple spaces that are exactly suited to your requirements by incorporating partition walls into your design, which can be done with some careful planning.

Constructed to your specifications in our workshop, our garden rooms significantly reduce on-site build time. Within a few weeks, your garden room can be delivered and installed, saving you from long waits and high costs usually associated with traditional builds.

Garden rooms are a wonderful addition to any garden because they provide a space that can be used in a variety of ways throughout the year.

With insulated walls and double-glazed windows, our garden rooms are perfect for a variety of purposes – an extra living space, a garden office, an entertainment area or a personal sanctuary. A garden room, in contrast to conventional additions or conservatories, enables you to increase the amount of usable space in your home while still allowing you to take in the all-natural splendor of your outdoor space.

Take the first step towards your dream outdoor space today – book a free design survey for a no-obligation garden room quotation. Modern Garden Rooms, where outdoor splendour meets indoor comfort, awaits you.

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