Things to consider when picking a video editor

Video editing can be a difficult task for beginners. But with the usage of accurate tools and knowledge you can make it easy. Here, we’ll discuss the best video editor and how to choose that. We will check the different features to find the best software.

This article will be something for you whether you are a beginner or editing your videos for years. There are many video editors like Kinemaster Diamond MOD APK in the market, difficult to simple, and expensive to free, all are available on the market. You should choose the right editor for your needs as there are many features to check.

Important video editing terms to know

If you are a beginner, you have to know some important terms before using a video editor. These terms will help you to understand how they work.

  • Video Format: MP4 and AVI are very common video formats.  
  • Frame Rate: The number of images per second in a video is called the frame rate. 
  • Resolution: The width and height measured in pixels of a video is called the resolution. 
  • Bit Rate: A video has a number of bits per second.
  • Compression: Compression is used to reduce the size of a file.  
  • Codec: By using the codec you can encode or decode a video. H.264 and MPEG-4 are the most common codecs.
  • A-Roll: A video footage shot that is captured by the camera is an A-roll video. 
  • ‍B-roll: The B-roll is different from the A-roll.  Users use the B-roll for adding context and interest to a video.
  • Cuts: Cuts can be used in the transition between different shots in a video. Cuts can be gradual and abrupt, it depends on the effect you use.
  • High-definition Media Interface: HDMI allows you to transfer high-definition audio or video. It’s a digital interface.

Check System Requirements:

Before downloading video editing software, you must look over the system requirements. Some software can work on less powerful machines but some need powerful computers.

If you’re finding any issues while using the editor, contact the customer support team of the company. Tell them your computer is not enabled to handle a video editor, and they’ll help you.

Read Online Reviews:

Once you’ve selected your different editors, then check the online reviews of all editors you have selected. This will really help you to choose software because you’ll know what other users have said about editors.

Notice all the positive and negative reviews. Take your time and read all the reviews patiently before taking any decision. They can really helpful for you.

The Editing Tools You Need:

The type of tools you need depends on the video that you want to create. If you’re a beginner you just need the basic editing tools. But, if you’re an experienced user, you may need some advanced features like a green screen and color correction effects.

The Video Input Formats You Need:

The type of input format depends on the video you are creating. For example, if you shot a video with a DSLR camera, you might need an editor that will be able to handle HD footage.

So, if you’re not creating a standard-definition video, you don’t need any editor that should be able to handle HD footage.

Choose The Software That Suits Your Workflow:

Workflow is different in every video editor. Some editors are linear and some are non-linear. Always choose the editor that helps you in creating the videos that you want easily and the editor which suits your workflow

If you can’t decide which editor you have to pick, try different editors and check which is good for you. It’s just a personal preference matter nothing else. 

Feature On Your Timeline:

A timeline is a place that you use most for work in the editing software. So, it’s really needed that timeline should have all the features you want and need.

Find an editor in which you can use multiple tracks and different other elements. It should also allow you to directly add transitions, audio files, and effects to the timeline.

Look For Free Trials:

There is a free trial you can offer by the video editor, so try that free trial before buying software. 

This is a very useful option to check whether that editor is good for you or not. Make sure to get advantage of a free trial before taking the final decision. 


When you choose a video editor, the super important thing that should be kept in mind is the future. Choose an editor that will give you the advantages and can grow with you. Which feature has all the features that you want and need, is the best editor to buy. Create a backup before starting editing and look for updates daily. The last thing is, Be sure the editor you’re buying fits your budget.

Hope so, this article will be helpful for you when choosing the best video editor.