The Best Diamond Cuts For Different Ring Styles

The shape of the diamond you go by is possibly the single most impactful decision for your engagement ring. Although the size, setting, and metal holding the diamond play substantial roles, the shape of the diamond is of utmost crucial. It can alter the appearance of the ring by playing with the light and how the stone sits on your ring finger. So now that you are ready to pop the question as you find diamonds in varied cuts and designs, here are some popular diamond cuts to opt for:

  • Round Brilliant Cut

The round cut, commonly known as the round brilliant is among the most favored diamond shapes which account for around 75 percent of all diamonds. This is among the modern styles which made its debut in the 1920s and contains 58 facets. The most promising feature of this cut is its inexplicable sparkle and brilliance.

Apart from being the most popular, this cut is also very expensive. Even though a part of it is due to immense popularity, much of the stone is lost in the cutting and therefore, it is the least cost-effective to produce. If you are a savvy shopper, you can save a lot. Round brilliant disperses color while concealing inclusions for offsetting the higher price tag of the cut.

  • Princess Cut

The princess cut is manifested by the square and symmetrical shape that gives off an incredible sparkle. Crafted in the 1980s, this cut has always been highly popular owing to its versatility which makes it suitable for all kinds of jewelry including engagement rings. Similar to the round brilliant, this cut also has the capacity of dispersing color while hiding inclusions. If you are looking for the best solitaire engagement rings for women and affordability is a concern for you, then this could be a decent option for you.

It’s worth mentioning that the sharp edges of the square-shaped stone call for a pattern that can shield the corners from chipping. Also, the square shape of this cut is in sync with the natural shape of the stone which implies that a negligible percentage of diamond is wasted in the cutting process. If you are a chic modern bride looking to buy diamonds for your engagement ring, you can scarcely go wrong with a princess cut.

  • Marquise Cut

This one is among the most intriguing and distinctive shapes of diamond with smooth curves meeting at pointed ends. It roughly matches the shape of a rugby ball and is often referred to as the most romantic among the various diamond cuts. That’s because King Louis XIV commissioned this unique shape of diamond for his love Marquise de Pompadour from where this cut got its name. It’s also rumoured that the shape of this diamond cut reflected her smile.

The elongation of the marquise cut gives it the largest crown surface among all diamond cuts. As a result, what you see is an illusion of greater stone size and long slim fingers. But this cut is shallow and gives way to inclusion very easily. If you love this cut and want your ring to boast it, make sure you get it from reputable diamond merchants like Rare Carat.

  • Cushion Cut

As the name suggests, this cut comes with the look of a pillow or stone, with a square shape and slightly rounded corners. The modern cushion cut that you find today is an adaptation of the classic mine cut which was extremely popular until the round brilliant changed the game forever. Although this cut is devoid of the signature brilliance of the round brilliant, it has a softer appeal that lends it a romantic vibrancy.

What deserves mention about cushion cuts is that it reflects light in a chunk which can compete with the shier of most modern diamond cuts. Cushion cuts are hailed by many as the best solitaire engagement rings for women owing to their stunning pattern and cost-effectiveness.

  • Final words

For a woman who wants it all and can’t decide which diamond cut to choose, each of these timeless diamond shapes would work just as fine. After all, when there are so many cuts to select from, why would you limit yourself to a particular era? Find diamonds that suit your spirit and personality and craft a ring style as unique as you are!