DD Allen returns with spine tingling alt-rock single ‘Rebel Hero’

DD Allen is an artist who is aiming to reinstill the notion of rock ‘n’ roll. The south coast UK singer-songwrtier has taken a short releasing break, but his return has resulted in his biggest anthem to date in ‘Rebel Hero’. Full of those hook-ridden guitar lines reminscent of The War of Drugs, Allen also possesses the vocal presence that can be among the very best, with the melodies to match.

Singalong choruses and epic stadium built produciton by Mark Tucker (Robert Plant, P.J. Harvey, Portishead), DD Allen has concocted a heavy dosage of 80s rock that we thought had gone away, but it is so refreshing to hear it once more in full form. With that grungy rock style and those brilliantly executed sonics, ‘Rebel Hero’ will surely be an anthem for the masses. Check it out now and see for yourself.