‘1 2 3’ by Leon Hesby

Blending the best moves and grooves of modern pop, dance, and a slightly urban-infused sound, 1 2 3, the much-anticipated debut single from Leon Hesby, is the perfect display of just where music is today—at least that which can be labeled mainstream and commercial.

But nothing could be further from the truth if such labels suggest something that follows the tried and tested pop templates. Although it is easy to see the musical building blocks that Hesby uses to construct his song – infectious pop beats, dance grooves, heartfelt lyrics, and neat dynamic switches – the result is something altogether new.

Pop it is, that’s for sure, but this pop is cleverer than its rivals. 1 2 3 is pop music looking to expand the genre, pushing pop boundaries, even if it does so subtly. (Especially if it does so subtly). Pop music reminds us that all genres overlap, and it is in these places where sounds and styles meet and mix that the best artists are found. And in these pop fringes, where actual musical experimentation and sonic adventure occur, you find Leon Hesby and this glorious first offering, 1 2 3.

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