Sp8ce Owl Presents “Stepping Into Eternity”

The concept of eternity has many different interpretations. It can mean life after death, something that lasts forever, or a state of timelessness. To Sp8ce Owl, music is a gateway to eternity. Since he started recording music in 2017, each song he creates has its own unique vibe but maintains the same recognizable EDM synth sound that makes him such an enduring and talented artist. His music transports listeners to their own definition of eternity due to his timeless and captivating songs. “Stepping Into Eternity” from his upcoming album The Other Side of the Atlantic is no different, with an incredible electronic sound and a psychedelic twist.

Listeners are taken on an in-depth tour of Sp8ce Owl’s intricate approach to art with the psychedelic visualizer for “Stepping Into Eternity.” The track starts with a catchy beat that continues throughout the song. This techno-beat is paired superbly with different synthesizers, keyboards, and distinct melodies. Suddenly, listeners are taken on a musical journey as all of these diverse sounds work together to create something beautiful. This adventure culminates in a grand ending where the beat from the beginning fades out, and we hear all of the instruments come to a satisfying, synthesized end.

Each instrumental change in the song, no matter how big or small, is perfectly mirrored in the psychedelic visuals of the video. While embarking on a musical journey, listeners are simultaneously starting a hypnotic visual journey as the “Stepping Into Eternity” music video plays. It’s a magical look at the brain of Sp8ce Owl that fans have the privilege of being a part of.

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