P Bailey New Single ‘More Than Just Friends’

Big, bombastic beats reverberate throughout the entirety of P Bailey’s “More than just friends.” Meant to be played loud, very loud, and the whole song works into a frenzy. The looping hypnotic quality of the sound feels intense. In certain moments it is like a single phrase being repeated endlessly in my mind, a mantra with no definitive beginning or end. His voice makes sure to hold nothing back as it is parts sweet and commanding. Word choice adds to the ambiguity of the message allowing the song the right level of power. Genre-wise, they bring styles as varied as R&B, pop, industrial, and jazz into this singular whole.


The song wastes no time in getting the mood started. Grooves rest prominently in the front and center of the work. His voice enters the work and proves to have a force of nature behind it. Melodies waft through as the multifaceted, multi-layered work has a kaleidoscopic array of colors. A lot of the track keeps a deep focus on the hook. Everything on the way allows for a car-rattling sound, with the heavy bass a particular delight. By going for the song’s sense of overwhelming muscle, the piece has a razor-sharp, cutting methodology as the song swirls through in a gleeful, thoroughly liberating way. When it finally fades, the song strips away into nothingness.

“More than just friends” shows P Bailey’s ability to deliver an atmosphere that lingers with the listener, transcending trends for a timeless work.