Hans & The Verge releasing their long anticipated debut album, “K, Ok, O.K., OKAY!”

Are you ready to transcend? Hans & The Verge release their first studio album K, Ok, O.K., OKAY! this June 2nd, 2023. Recorded at Studio G in Brooklyn, NY with the help of engineer Jeff Berner (Psychic TV, Shilpa Ray) and world-renowned Elvis-expert and former Legacy exec John Jackson (The Kinks, The Jayhawks, Caleb Caudle, Trapper Schoepp, Billy Woodward), The Verge’s debut album is a true attestation to their Missouri-born, New York City-rooted Americana sound. Singles “I’m Not Going To Sit In Your Back Pocket,” “Third Side Of The Coin,” and “Better Days” introduce us to a world of love, longing, heartbreak, spite, and scorn put through the kaleidoscope of a band at the height of its virtuosic powers and a singer who’s found his voice.

The story of Hans & The Verge begins in Nashville, TN where frontman Jacob Wunderlich and drummer Tyler Reina met as randomly-paired Belmont University roommates. Starting with Reina’s psych-rock brainchild, Vega Maestro, the two began to explore what it was like to make music together. Hans & The Verge is the embodiment of Wunderlich’s music-or-bust move to New York City in November 2019. Deemed “ambitious work” by Glide Magazine and an “impeccable sound” by FBP Music Group, the band’s current live act features Olivia Peppiatt (violin), Pablo Leira Filgueria (electric guitar), John Jackson (mandolin), and Brian Carey (bass) in addition to Reina (drums) and Wunderlich (vocals/piano/guitar).

Hans & The Verge’s debut LP marks a significant shift in growth for Wunderlich as a storyteller and gives fans a glimpse into the band’s musicality. 13-song K, Ok, O.K., OKAY! explodes in a flash of molten light, leaving you dazzled and begging for more.

Get the album in your ears June 2, 2023 and catch Hans & The Verge live at 11th Street Bar in New York City for their release show June 1st, 2023 at 8:30pm EST.

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