Bloodhounds blow us all away with their hypnotic hyper grunge sound in ‘Relics’

We are all looking for something new and exciting these days, especially when it comes to music as a lot of it just seems to blend into one. This is the complete opposite for heavy rock band Bloodhounds however, who seem to be creating their own sound entirely. The UK based rockers take homage from Enter Shikari and Royal Blood with a supercharged synth edge, and the result is simply breathtaking.

Pioneering a new way to produce rock music, their new single ‘Relics’ is certainly going to shake things up in the rock ‘n’ roll circles. The vocals are huge and soaring, the guitar lines are groovy yet still have that metal edge to them, and the drums are just as euphoric. Bloodhounds create a cascading wall of heavy rock and metal, that both hypnotices and entices all at once. ‘Relics’ is spine tingling from Bloodhounds, and we can’t wait to hear what’s next.