Todd Curry Presents “Transitions”

Taking the reins from his father, Bishop C.L. Curry, as pastor of St. Peter, The Rock Inc., Gospel artist Todd Curry transformed the church’s presence in the Eastwood Community of Pinehurst, NC with a high-impact, vibrant network of Kingdom and outreach programs. Now the producer-singer-songwriter is launching full throttle into outreach ministry on the ground and through sound waves with TLC Unlimited, Inc. The organization not only mends the seams of community ties, it also brings together Gospel powerhouses to provide the soundtrack for uplifting transformations. In more succinct and contemporary terms, he’s positioned and proved himself to be Gospel’s DJ Khaled—a master earworm songwriter with magnetic charisma that draws Grammy-winning talent for collaborations capable of changing hearts and minds. After a series of releases with his backing group, Focus, Curry is opening the doors to a slew of exciting collaborators on his upcoming six-song EP.

No matter where we are in life, odds are we’re in some state of change. In his new single “Transitions,” Todd Curry offers compassion, encouragement, and guidance to those navigating stormy waters. Co-written alongside Grammy-winner Cedric Thompson and Dennis Reed, Jr., the upbeat song itself transitions from contemporary Gospel to goth, then into an epic cross-genre vamp to motivate you through life’s changes —and for an extra boost, Gospel legend B.Slade offers hair-raising vocal riffs throughout.

The video for “Transitions” offers a direct dose of hope. Not only does the film depict transitions of all shapes and sizes—through marriage, parenthood, education, addiction, sickness, homelessness, job changes, and death—each actor involved represents someone Curry has met or ministered to in their particular challenge. Curry’s biological sister, for example, hugs their mother in consolation from a recent cancer diagnosis. The vulnerability and spirit are tangible, visceral—rivaled only by the raw power of the song itself. Find yourself some joy in changing times with “Transitions.”

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