A Musical Journey Uniting Cultures: Troy Lindsey and Bosaya Release Collaborative Album “The Battle” Amidst Dark Times

Amidst the darkness of conflict and war, a beacon of hope and unity emerges in the form of a groundbreaking musical collaboration between American musician Troy Lindsey and Russian singer Bosaya. Together with Russian Producer and musician Vadim Zariuta they have released a powerful and inspiring album, “The Battle,” bridging the gap between cultures and demonstrating the beauty that can arise when artists from diverse backgrounds come together.

Troy Lindsey first met Bosaya and Vadim Zariuta in Moscow, Russia, ten years ago while searching for a guitar store. Their chance encounter led to a strong connection, and eventually, Troy assisted them in obtaining their Green Cards, allowing them to legally migrate to the United States and begin an exciting new chapter in their musical careers.

The album kicks off with “Butterfly Emotion,” setting the tone for the transformative journey to follow. The title track, “The Battle,” features a powerful duet with singer BOSÁYA, who sings the lyrics in Russian, echoing the current war in Ukraine. BOSÁYA’s haunting and melodic voice can also be felt on other key tracks, adding a layer of enchantment to the album. Other standout tracks include “Kiss Me in the Morning,” “Propaganda,” “Quiet Game,” “Lovers Tryst,” “Old Enough To Know,” “Eye of the Storm,” “Bear Trap,” and “PTSD.”

Showcasing a unique fusion of Troy’s Americana style with Bosaya’s enchanting vocals, “The Battle” highlights their individual talents while creating a unique sonic experience that transcends cultural barriers.

Together, the trio has embarked on a musical journey to promote unity, understanding, and artistic collaboration in a time when the world seems more divided than ever. Their partnership has resulted in a collection of songs that serve as a testament to the power of music to bring people together.

Songs from the album “The Battle” can be found on various streaming platforms such as iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube, and are available for purchase.




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