John Fishell Releases New Kick-Ass Album ‘We’ve Got a Live One’

Songwriter/performer/producer/engineer John Fishell has released an album called We’ve Got a Live One available on most platforms featuring an energetic 45-minute live-performed set of his original music (along with two covers). Originally broadcast in June 2022 from the Wreckingroom Studio in Lyons, Colorado via the streaming platform, John spent the next few months mixing the multitrack recording to his exacting and demanding standards.

“On that night, the band guys were killing it as usual, my guitar playing and singing worked out, and I thought my overall emotion translated pretty well into the recording, so BOOM – that’s an album right there!”

Many of the album tracks have not yet been released as “studio” versions so the public is hearing songs like Here’s Looking at You and God Save the Queen for the very first time. Fishell makes clever use of synchronized backing tracks culled from the studio recordings (all self-performed), lending a huge, larger-than-life sound usually reserved for the big boys, rock legends, and bands with more than three total members. And just when you think there’s nowhere to go, John is able to shift gears into sensitive-yet-epic ballads at key points in the set to keep things dynamic and interesting.

Fishell’s musical influences are quite clear throughout the album – fans of the Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, AC/DC, Queen, Led Zeppelin and even the Beatles, The Who, 70s, 80s and 90s rock will feel vindication .. yet … John’s unique singing voice, clever/compact/thoughtful song construction, and some eclectic “nuggets” provide hidden treasures upon multiple listens. Veterans Brian McRae (drums) and Mario Pagliarulo (bass) form the solid-yet-explosive rhythm section, allowing John the platform and freedom to deliver a thrilling and heartfelt performance.

Unexpected highlights include an interesting “dance” version of AC/DC’s Hell’s Bells complete with a “balls-in-the-vicegrips” ending vocal, smooth Rush-like time signature shifts in the song Here’s Looking at You, a Gary Glitter “stadium shout” gem in God Save the Queen, and the radio-friendly Pushing and Pulling.

About John Fishell:
John Fishell is a rock singer/songwriter/guitarist as well as a recording engineer, producer, and educator based in Alexandria, Virginia near Washington DC.