@ skopemag Feature Q&A – gloryBots

The spelling of your name has changed since we last heard from you. What’s behind the lowercase g and the uppercase B?

“gloryBots” was the original presentation of the name, so it was natural to return to this. Our band is sometimes mistaken for “Glorybox”, so we returned to using the uppercase B to help better differentiate our name from the amazing Portishead song.

Invisible was a stellar record. What was your plan going in, to top it?

Thank you for the compliment! Invisible was tracked in-studio with Matt Bayles behind the console, and was later mixed by Christopher Newton at Luna Studio, so they both deserve due credit for their respective contributions on that album.

Our approach to creating Radiation Skies wasn’t necessarily to top our previous album Invisible, but rather to continue growing as artists and creating music that was meaningful and authentic to us. We had a general idea of what worked well in the past, based on our experience and acquired skills, but we also wanted to experiment with new sounds and approaches to keep our music fresh and interesting. One of the main positives of recording this album was our ability to utilize modern technology and record high-quality material in the comfort of our respective home studios. This gave us ample time to work through the details and ensure that we were happy with the results without being phased away by the pressure of in-studio time constraints. Ultimately, we believe that Radiation Skies is a strong reflection of our artistic growth and passion, and we’re excited to share it with our fans.

If someone didn’t know your sound and was going to listen three songs from Radiation Skies, what should they be and why?

Aside from the singles, the three songs we’d suggest are: False Alarm, Prove, and Freefall. These three songs provide a glimpse of the breadth of the music included in the album.

While we believe that experiencing Radiation Skies as a whole is the best way to fully appreciate the album, if someone were to listen to only three songs to get a sense of our sound, aside from the singles, we would recommend “Prove”, “False Alarm”, and “Freefall”. “Prove” is a powerful track with heavy riffs and an explosive sound that showcases our alternative rock roots. “False Alarm” has a unique atmosphere and spacey feel that demonstrates our ability to explore different sonic territories and song construction. Finally, “Free Fall” is an energetic, glitchy, and wild ride that captures the sheer craziness and unpredictability of our sound. Of course, each of us has our own favorites on the album, and we encourage listeners to check out the full album to get a sense of the diversity and range of our music.

Radiation Skies is such a sonically rewarding listen. What can we expect to hear in the Dolby Atmos version?

Oh, wow. Thank you so much! We’re really excited about the Dolby Atmos version of Radiation Skies. Atmos is a next-level immersive audio technology that expands the soundstage of our music in a whole new way. With the Atmos mix, listeners can expect to hear the music with a heightened sense of depth and dimension, thanks to the addition of height channels. It’s truly a sonic experience unlike anything else.

The decision to mix the album in Atmos was inspired by Don, who heard sweeping soundscapes in the music that he thought would be perfectly suited for the immersive sound of Atmos. We were thrilled to collaborate with Dolby to bring this new version of the album to our fans. So, if you enjoyed the regular mix of Radiation Skies, you’re in for an even more rewarding sonic experience with the Atmos version.

How’s the Seattle scene right now? Any bands we need to know about?

There are many great local bands currently playing in Seattle. We’re most excited about Deep Sea Diver and Naked Society. And in Vancouver, BC, we are excited about Actors.

When are we going to get the chance to see gloryBots live?

We’re really looking forward to hitting the stage and sharing our music with listeners in a live setting. The album release process has kept us busy, but now that it’s almost over the line, we’re going to start reaching out to venues and booking dates for shows. We can’t wait to announce our next show, so stay tuned for updates on that front. In the meantime, we encourage readers to follow us on social media to stay in the loop on all our latest news and upcoming shows. We can’t wait to rock out with you all in person!