Los Angeles-based independent artist GTB Tonio’s new single “Wait No More” featuring KVTE is a certified hit anthem!

Some of the best artists are natural-born storytellers who want to do more than entertain audiences; they want to connect with them on a deeply emotional and relatable level. They want to share more of their creative vision with their die-hard fans and new listeners. This is most definitely the case with independent hip hop, rap, and R&B artist GTB Tonio, who is much more than just a performer or entertainer.

GTB Tonio has continued to set the bar higher in quality production and intensely personal lyrics. His latest single, “Wait No More,” featuring the strikingly gifted R&B songstress KVTE is a shining example of his relatable artistry.

Borrowing from his own experiences with a heartbreak that left him shattered, GTB Tonio and KVTE could channel those feelings of hurt, sadness, and pain to engineer an authentic and defiant-like sound with a relatable message about the rollercoaster of relationships.

GTB Tonio draws a listener in with his rhythmically mesmerizing flows. His effortless cadences over the atmospheric beats create an engaging track with a sing-along element that naturally invites its listener.

Following his signature code, Tonio is captivating and full of energy as he taps into his world of creation, painting vivid pictures with his scholarly bars and visual rhymes.

KVTE adds to this tune’s elegance, depth, and variety and gives it a female point of view with her delightfully charming and mellifluous voice, leaving a listener addicted and in need of more doses of the same.

“Wait No More” has been a fan favorite based on the numbers it has been pulling; the track already has over 36K streams on Spotify, and the official music video has over 14K views in just under two weeks, which is remarkable and no less than the masterpiece deserves.

GTB Tonio and KVTE have another joint EP in the works, which will be released when the timing is right.

For now, join the rest of the fanbase in critically acclaiming this brand-new smash project that has gotten the music world spellbound!

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Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/2hg8OUWLfGU8YJgvop3TnV?si=f5c1567bf8874a69

Official Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ns1D_sCJLXI

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