New Video By Ivan The Greatness “Power 2030”

Ivan Kelley first burst onto the mainstream scene when he absolutely rocked viewers of the Ellen Degeneres show with a fully-fleshed, soulful cover of “Who’s Lovin’ You.” He was 11 years old… and we discovered him late in his story. For Ivan The Greatness, everything started in Chattanooga, TN. As the son of R&B singer Dirty Soul, he quickly discovered his love of—and talent for—music. By the time he appeared on the Ellen show, Ivan (then known as “Lilman”) had mastered tickling the ivories and strumming heartstrings with his angelic vocal cords, whether in church choir or talent shows. After the appearance on the show, he rose to such renown that he had to duck out of middle school to be homeschooled. Luckily, his family steered him clear of the typical child-star fate while he landed a role in Queen Latifah’s Joyful Noise and launched a matured R&B project under his own name. Now we’re seeing a new iteration of Ivan, as Ivan the Greatness. Releasing a stream of provocative and catchy singles leading up to his Unbreakable album, Ivan is teaching his committed fans how to step up and into new chapters of life. Buckle up; we’re all in for a meteoric ride.

Ivan the Greatness’s new single “Power 2030” is a drum-heavy electronic anthem to motivate people who don’t do it for the money. Over a non-stop, driving percussive backbone, Ivan chants and belts out his fearless and spirited attitude toward life. As the synthesizer and horns steam along, creating a futuristic ambiance, piano chords ground the song in reality—allowing us to stand firm and dream big dreams as we dance to this grown-up prodigy’s latest hit.

Directed by Paul Warner, the music video for “Power 2030” transports us to a whole new world. In a moody futuristic cityscape, Ivan crashes the scene like a superhero, costumed in a stylish mech suit customized from his spaceship above. As the song bumps in the background, we follow Ivan through his video game battles with robo-ghosts in pursuit of suitcases full of cash. What a world we’re in! If you end up a bit confused by the intense imagery, fear not—this is one part of a series spanning the entire Unbreakable album, where more will be revealed!

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