Simone Miller Delivers Powerful Message of Introversion with New Single “Acquaintance

Toronto-based actress and singer-songwriter Simone Miller has unleashed her latest musical masterpiece, “Acquaintance.” This song portrays the universal themes of social anxiety and the difficulties of navigating unfamiliar territory.

Inspiration struck Simone during an online Grade 10 mathematics class at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. She quickly transformed her thoughts into a musical expression of introversion and self-reliance.

Simone recalls, “I logged into my on-line math class and just like every other day, all I saw were a bunch of names with 30 black squares beside them and the sound of my teacher’s voice through the speakers of my laptop. I was so fixated on the fact that even my teacher didn’t want to turn on her camera! I really wasn’t retaining any of the lesson and thought “I don’t want to be here anymore” and Boom, the first line of Acquaintance was born! I shifted my focus to my piano, muted myself on the call, and started experimenting with chords. Before I knew it, the first verse of the song had formed. I found inspiration in my surroundings. I wrote about feeling trapped in a virtual world, where faces are blurred and icons are obscured. It started as a moment of frustration, but turned into something I’m proud of. Creativity can come from anywhere, and I always try to find inspiration in my daily experiences.”

The now 17- year- old, describes her collaboration with her co-writer and producer, DR, as a creative and educational partnership that allows for open communication and the freedom to explore new musical ideas. The change to 3 / 4 timing in “Acquaintance” was a suggestion from DR that Simone says breathed life into the song and helped to amplify and enhance its themes.

Simone has always enjoyed being a performer. You might recognize Simone from CBC’s Workin’ Moms and Run The Burbs or in the Lifetime movie The Clark Sisters.

Simone’s musical journey began when she was discovered to have a great singing voice while working on the CBC Kids Digital Original series, Detention Adventure, in which she also stars as Raign Westbrook. She was given the opportunity to sing on one of the tracks entitled “Lioness” in the 8th episode for Detention Adventure Season 2. The latest season of Detention Adventure (released March 2022) had a whole musical episode featuring Simone in a dream-like sequence. She has since gone on to release two original songs and music videos, titled “Dry Eyes” and “Older.”

“Acquaintance” marks Simone’s latest musical release and continues her journey as a performer and songwriter. With its relatable themes and emotive sound, Simone’s new single is sure to connect with listeners everywhere.