Shaheed and DJ Supreme Present “The Art Of Throwing Darts” ft. Slug

Two artists withstood the test of time and continue to produce hip-hop tracks to inspire future generations. Shaheed and DJ Supreme model what it means to use creativity and craft to educate. Their creations combine the traditional boom-bap rap with relevant sentiments. The evident undying passion is a testament to their twenty years of collaborative success. Since the early 2000s, they have used their musical gifts for the betterment of society: addressing environmental issues, highlighting local causes, and giving a voice to topics that go unacknowledged.

The Birmingham natives have collaborated with countless musical talents, such as Raekwon, Atmosphere, and Brother Ali. Now they’re teaming up yet again with the legendary Slug, a member of Atmosphere, for the title track of their highly anticipated album, The Art of Throwing Darts. Returning under the Communicating Vessels label with this impactful record—the duo is destined for ever-growing greatness. DJ Supreme’s masterful production abilities with Shaheed’s awe-inspiring flow and Slug’s lyrical finesse are a collaboration of talents for the books! “The Art of Throwing Darts” reflects this team’s sharp skills, respect for hip-hop, and focus on significant themes.

“Respect the culture because the culture is a form of art” is a standout lyric. The song is a metaphor for the rapper’s lyricism and production process. When creating a track meant to make waves in the music industry, artists are responsible for producing work with precision and accuracy. Shaheed and DJ Supreme consistently hit the mark and cleverly acknowledge essential issues in their music. They encourage connection, creativity, and care above all else. Slug joins the duo in their mission to be authentic and drive change as he raps about his passion and the effort he makes to maintain his respect for the craft. By approaching their artwork with intention, they remain grounded and humble—the two keys to their success as artists. It is why they persevere and will continue to carry on the legacies of rap and hip hop for years to come.

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