Singer/Songwriter Barry Muir Releases New Single

Not everyone agrees on what good pop music is, but I think we can all agree that the genre could sure use a lot more optimism in its general narrative right now. With things as crazy around the globe as they’ve ever been before, audiences are particularly dependent on musicians for a little shelter amid the stormy times we’re occupying – and that’s where Barry Muir comes in.

The noted indie pop sensation is dropping a new single this year with “Home In A New York Minute” which offers listeners a touch of catharsis to combat the immense onslaught of grey skies that have been occupying the heavens for the better part of the new decade. In “Home In A New York Minute,” everything from the bass tones to the percussion, harmonies, and vocal texture contributes to the story Muir is trying to tell us with his words. He doesn’t resist the urge to get as poetic and expressive as his heart desires in this song, but at the same time, he’s careful to adhere to a conservative compositional structure that doesn’t leave any space for error. This is pop music for grownups, and it’s got a groove that almost anybody can get into. 

The raw elements in “Home In A New York Minute” and specifically its chorus harmony are really warm and inviting compared to the other content I’ve heard from the pop underground in the past year or two. There isn’t any tininess to the melodies here, nor does it ever feel as though Barry Muir is forcing the point. The first act of the song feels a little bit like a classic rock reboot, but by the time we find the chorus, it’s clear that this artist is on an entirely different level of expression than the elders were back in the day.

The vocal never has to battle for supremacy in the master mix; in fact, everything in this song sounds as though it’s been equalized as evenly as would be possible within a modern studio environment. This beat is what gives “Home In A New York Minute” that smart edge that’s been missing from the realm of pop since the mid-2010s, and overall, I wouldn’t say that this single is as indebted to alternative music as it is the wit of pop/rock in general. 

2023 has been awesome for artists with surreal influences, and though Barry Muir is a little different from the average indie pop singer/songwriter, he’s involved in an important revolution taking place in the underground. “Home In A New York Minute” doesn’t answer as many questions about his artistic drive as it poses; to some extent, I think this is just a teaser for what Muir’s next full-length studio album is going to be crafted around. There’s still so much left for us to learn about this player, but if you’re in the market for a new single you’re almost guaranteed to appreciate and respect this month, this would be one of my top picks without a doubt. 

Gwen Waggoner