VIP Benefits You Can Expect at Casinos

Credit: Keenan Constance

Gambling is one of the oldest and most beloved forms of entertainment. Evidence of the practice dates back to the ancient world, though many believe it has been part of our society since we first began to roam the Earth. Today, the gambling industry is massive. From Las Vegas to online casinos, gambling establishments make millions, if not billions of dollars worldwide. To incentivize a higher player base, many casinos offer VIP clubs. So, for anyone who may not know, in this article we list of the expectations you should have for your casino’s VIP membership. 

VIP Clubs Exist Online

Land-based casinos almost certainly offer VIP memberships. However, that shouldn’t discourage you from looking online. Quite a lot of online casinos now offer membership-tiers. From standard, to golden, to premium memberships, you can join a VIP club from your own home, at the numerous gambling websites. 

And it doesn’t end there. With the rise in popularity of the crypto market, you can now play at the various cryptocurrency VIP casino websites that have grown in esteem. So, if you are not a fan of brick-and-mortar gambling establishments, but still want to test your luck, why not go an alternative route? 

Exclusive Rooms 

Whether you go the online route or you take the land-based option, one thing is certain. VIP membership will lead to exclusive rooms, where you can gamble with some serious players. Usually, poker is the main game in these rooms. However, you will certainly find blackjack, baccarat, craps, or roulette as well. 

It is worth noting, these rooms tend to be for high-risk/high-reward players. So, if you would prefer a casual, light-hearted game, we would recommend you stay away. However, if you are a high-roller, then the VIP rooms are certainly where you want to be. 

Better Bonuses 

One of the best things about online gambling are the bonus promotions that players are privy to. Usually, all players get some kind of bonus. However, for VIP players, the bonus promotions come a lot more frequently, and tend to be a lot better. 

Casual gamblers, who only play once every month-or-two may not want to waste their time and money on these programs. However, serious gamblers who are looking to go pro will almost definitely benefit from the various bonuses that the VIP members are privy to. 

Exclusive Tournaments

A lot of casinos, land-based and online, organize special, exclusive tournaments for their VIP members. Much like the exclusive poker rooms, these tournaments are usually full of high-stake players. So, once again, we recommend that low-risk/low-reward gamblers stay far away. 

Again, poker is likely to be the most popular game at these tournaments. However, other popular games include the following:

  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette 
  • Craps

Higher Limits 

Finally, we come to the biggest reason why some might want to join the VIP section of a casino. Many online casinos place limits on the maximum deposits you can make a day or a month. This is done in order to control the amount of gambling done by individual players, in an attempt to combat gambling addiction. However, some gamblers have long-time experience gambling for high-stakes. And these people might not be impressed by the low limits. If you are one of these gamblers, a VIP room will almost certainly include higher deposit limits.  


The iGaming industry is growing with each passing days. Gamblers, seasoned and new, are making accounts and joining online casinos. If you are new, we recommend you start out small. However, if you have a long history with the casino, then looking into VIP clubs is certainly worth the effort.