Why Go to University of Newcastle?

University of Newcastle, located in New South Wales, Australia, is a public university in Newcastle, about 150 kilometers from Sydney. The university was originally the Newcastle branch of the University of New South Wales, and was established independently in 1965. After more than 50 years of rapid development, it currently offers more than 300 undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral courses, covering economics, finance, society, Professional advantages such as humanities, law, medicine, education and art, engineering and built environment, and information science and technology. To get more courses at the University of Newcastle, please search via Course Finder.

University of Newcastle is a comprehensive university with a high degree of internationalization, with outstanding teaching and research capabilities. The school’s scientific research achievements under the support of public funds from the society ranks 9th in Australia; it ranks 59th in the University Rankings in the Asia-Pacific region (2009 Shanghai Jiaotong University World University Academic Ranking); 224th in the 2018QS world ranking; “The Times” Higher Education World University Rankings listed the university as the 61st in the world’s biomedical sciences, and in 2011 it was ranked among the top 3% in the world; in 2005, UoN was rated as one of the top 100 universities in the world by the American “Newsweek”; it was invited to become an associate member of the Australian Group of Eight due to outstanding scientific research achievements in the field of engineering; eight areas of the school have obtained QS five-star evaluation standards: research field, student employment rate, teaching quality, hardware facilities, internationalization process, innovation ability, resource input and outstanding professional discipline advantages performance. At present, the number of students at the University of Newcastle exceeds 35,500, including more than 7,800 international students from more than 100 countries and regions. The school focuses on fostering an atmosphere suitable for academic research and personal growth. The University of Newcastle’s campuses in Newcastle and the Central Coast are set in pristine woodlands in beautiful surroundings and bordered by some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches.

Except for that, University of Newcastle has many other advantages, such as:

– Strong academic ability: University of Newcastle is a comprehensive university known for its scientific research strength. It is ranked in the top ten in Australia, top 3% in the world, and 224th in the 2017QS world ranking.

– Strong learning atmosphere: Students studying on UoN’s campuses can feel the academic atmosphere of prestigious schools and experience the campus life of Australian universities.

– High-quality teaching: Students studying in this school can obtain high-quality teaching and master advanced learning methods in Australia.

– Immigration advantages: After graduation, the international students of the school can obtain the Australian permanent residence permit by applying for technology (guarantee by the employer), entrepreneurship, investment and other immigration methods. Generally speaking, after working for 3 years, they can obtain the PR (permanent residence permit) ). The relevant immigration policy is subject to the latest official announcement of the Australian government.

– Colorful campus, comprehensive education: The school will organize students to participate in various social welfare activities, devote themselves to volunteer services, and cultivate students’ sense of citizenship and social responsibility.