Sarantos Releases ‘Another Surgery’

Sarantos returns to the forefront of music once again, as one of the world’s most diligent workers it was only a matter of time before he returned. His latest single, “Another Surgery,” is a dark and sad tune that’s all about his father’s passing and the way Sarantos’ takes this event and uses to fill himself with strength and push forward even in the face of difficulty and adversity. It’s a very loaded topic, so the question is, how does Sarantos handle this?

As usual, Sarantos’ music is a blend of genres, but “Another Surgery” leans into the sadder side of music from its opening notes. It’s not hard to see why either, for as much of a positive spin as Sarantos puts on the idea of going to surgery, there’s always going to be a somber mood that follows it. To Sarantos’ credit however, he does imbue the mix with some warmer instrumentals when he talks about his father, and this goes a long way to giving the song more depth.

Lyrically, the song is heartbreaking, as Sarantos sings about how despite the fact he keeps needing to face more and more surgeries, remembering his late father keeps him strong. He sees every surgery as another chance to catch up with his dad and think about life, which is definitely as positive of a way to spin this as possible. The instrumentals also help with this, giving the song a strong mood and atmosphere.

“This modern rock song is about my dad and my health,” Sarantos said. “Every time I have surgery, which seems to be a lot, I’m not scared anymore because I always tell myself in a way, I get to spend a little bit of time with my dad, catching up on life.” – Sarantos

While it’s definitely a dark and demure song, there are small hints of hope throughout that give both the listener and Sarantos the strength to keep going, and it adds to the complexity of the song. We enjoyed this aspect of it greatly, on top of the wild build up to the song’s climax, which is loud and emotional. It’s definitely a fascinating song, a tour de force of emotion that’s devastating in a lot of ways.

Overall, “Another Surgery” is a song that we enjoyed for the mood it provides. It’s a deeply personal song, as many of Sarantos’ songs are, but it also shows the strength and perseverance of the artist in the face of adversity. If you’re looking for something emotional to help you push through your own hard times, give this single a look!