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@skopemag news – monday – march 27, 2023 @ 12 pm est


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Psych Doom act Cavern Deep Announces New Album, Unleashes New Video

Cavern Deep is a slow, heavy band, founded 2019, by members from Zonaria and Swedish retro riffsters Gudars Skymning. The band released its first self-titled concept album through Interstellar Smoke Records to critical aclaim topping on #7 on The Doom Charts.

The second album is called “Part II – Breach” and is a continuation on the concept of the first album and features Susie McMullan of Brume, Johannes Behndig of Sarcophagus Now and Thomas V Jäger of Monolord(On the bonus track).

[Album Stream] Abyss – Magnum Opus ft. Reks, Slaine, Milez Grimez, Ren Thomas, Big Dese & more

Massachusetts rapper Abyss has unveils his momentous “Magnum Opus” album, an extraordinary culmination of years in the making! The captivating craftsmanship shines through its multifaceted sound – from hard-hitting bars and lyrical prowess, to inspirational songs that anyone can relate to. Backed by features from Reks, Slaine, Milez Grimez, Ren Thomas, Big Dese & more, plus production courtesy of veteran producers The Arcitype and Stu-Bangas just for starters. Abyss’ new album is an incredible showcase of his expansive musical range, giving listeners an intriguing journey into the artist’s boundless creative depths. Out now on all platforms!

Chester Doom Reinvents Leonard Cohen Classic with New Version of “Everybody Knows”

Chester Doom’s version of “Everybody Knows” infuses the classic song with their high-energy style and raw, unbridled passion, making it both familiar and fresh at the same time. Fans of both classic and modern rock music will appreciate this power-packed take on a timeless classic.

“This song has always been one of our favorites, and we’re excited to share our version with fans of Chester Doom and Leonard Cohen alike,” adds guitarist Patrick Blackie.

OUT NOW: Jabee Enlists Havoc (Mobb Deep) and Mistah F.A.B. on New Single “Angels”

OKC-based rapper Jabee is back with his new single “Angels” produced by Havoc of Mobb Deep. Featuring Bay Area legend Mistah F.A.B., “Angels” is a laid back Rap record with a message that throughout the trials and tribulations you always have an angel by your side. The new single is taken from Jabee’s forthcoming EP Enough produced entirely by Havoc.

Pre-Order Surprise Chef “Friendship” EP Now

We are making the Limited Edition BCR Exclusive Lave Rock Red colored vinyl pressing of Surprise Chef’s EP available to the members of our email list a little ahead of tomorrow’s formal album announcement. Friendship EP is available for pre-order now and will be out worldwide on June 2nd.

[Video Submission] DJ CRYPT x Noel IS x JRM “Graff Territory”

DJ Crypt, NOEL IS and JRM sending out a dedication anthem to all the heads out there still sprayin, still runnin’ the planet with cans in hands. All the heads keeping the art alive. A world wide shout out to all the combinated styles and elements representing Hip Hop. Graff Territory! Nuff love, equality and respect. Blast it loud.

Music Submission: David Munoz

Pulling back the curtain with an affirmation of love, “Love is like a crystal” quickly lays down a solid melodic groove to set the mood. The poppy feel delivers familiarity but with enough flair to keep listeners hooked – David Munoz is a singer and songwriter who comes through with that element of innocence and resonant sound that listeners deeply gravitate towards.

THE PEARL HARTS — Release New Track: “Hypocritical” || + New Album ‘Love, Chaos’ Out 21 April

SE London rock duo – THE PEARL HARTS – have unleashed “Hypocritical”, the second single to be taken from their awaited second album ‘Love, Chaos’ (out 21 April, via Double Bang Records).

ROWSIE release disparaging anti-war single ‘Makeshift Grave’ to address the plight in Ukraine

Recorded at the world-famous RAK studios, the song takes a hard, honest look at the mindless ongoing violence and conflict in Ukraine, shedding light on how the destruction of truth is often the first step in rationalising psychopathic behaviour that leads to the carnage we are blatantly witnessing today.


About the project, Kendra shared, “Blonde is a state of mind. The song/EP is all about channeling that inner confidence, staying true to your story, being able to poke fun at yourself and having fun along the way.” Krista echoed, “The Blonde EP is the first chapter of this whole project. We are very excited to start giving people a taste of what the whole record will be like with these four songs!”

Country singer Jutt Huffman Releases New Single “Today We Drink”

Jutt Huffman, the rising star of country music, has just released his latest single “Today We Drink.” The song is now available on all major music streaming platforms.

“I’m so excited to finally have released “TODAY WE DRINK” and even more pumped that it got up to #53 on the iTunes chart even though it was released on the same day as Morgan Wallen’s triple album with 34 of his songs getting in the top 50! This is a really fun party song and is best cranked up with some friends in any kind of setting! I prefer it on a boat, a lake, a beach, a bonfire, a jukebox, a tailgate, spring break, or any outdoor holidays!”

Finnish Female-Fronted Heavy Metal Band Ratbreed Releases New Single “Under Fire”

Finnish heavy metal band Ratbreed has released their second single “Under Fire,” accompanied by a lyric video via Wormholedeath Records. The band’s new album is set to be released soon, which will be the follow-up to their debut album “Evoke The Blaze” which was released back in 2018.

DUSKWOOD: stream new single “Shes Calls”

Somerset, UK’s heavy and stoner rock foursome DUSKWOOD unleash a powerful new excerpt taken from their sophomore full-length “The Last Voyage”, to be issued on May 12th via Ripple Music. Check out “Shes Calls” exclusively on The Obelisk website!

Review & Track Premiere: Duskwood, The Last Voyage

Gary Hempsey Shares Blues Tinted New Single ‘Sinkhole’

Singer-songwriter Gary Hempsey shares the blues tinted new single ‘Sinkhole’.

Bringing together heartfelt, poetic lyricism with a warming, organic sonic palette which blends elements of bluegrass, americana, folk, country and blues to create authentic, affecting, nostalgic soundscape.

Alternative-Electronic Singer-Songwriter Awir Leon Releases Stunning New Album ‘Love You, Drink water’

Carving his own space somewhere between electronica, alternative hip hop and indie, the French, now Amsterdam based vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer possesses a unique sound. Topped with philosophical, soulful and emotionally raw lyricism, the solo artist showcases a multifaceted, striking and impactful identity as an artist.


“Tell me baby, what we doin’, what we doin’? Makin’ money,” the multi-platinum MC spits over driving percussion and frantic strings. “What they doin’ hatin’ on us? If they want it, take it from me.” Weezy then steps up to contribute one of his trademark spitfire verses. The hip-hop cohorts know exactly how to bring the party and “Ain’t Gonna Answer” is no exception. This banger was made to be blasted as loud as possible.

Rising newcomer REGALJASON releases new affirmative alt-pop single “I AM”

Opening the track soft synth pads turn to rumbling bass lines accompanied by poignant percussion and Regal’s signature strong and full-bodied vocals. Unlike on the rising newcomer’s last release, “Ascend”, Regal makes the stylistic decision to dial back the complexity of the instrumental arrangement and vocal acrobatics to let the moving lyrics of “I AM” take centre stage. REGAL releases this single alongside a raw and intimate DIY style lyric video.

Jay Critch Clocks in for “Minutes” Video

A bonafide Brooklyn hustler with a god-given talent for tough talk, Jay Critch runs on his own time. Clocking his game with an unfazed flow that makes this lifestyle look effortless, Critch shares the new video for “Minutes,” from his recent Jugg Season project. Featuring slow-burning production from Luca Beats, Critch creeps over the track’s understated instrumental with his natural gravitas on full display as he rings off a barrage of stone-cold flexes: “The bankroll look like Big Mac/Me and brodie gon’ split it like Kit-Kat/Took that money, I’m not with the chit-chat/II put her in the dress and she wit’ that.”

V V Brown Returns with “Black British”

Artist, mother, activist, journalist, and teacher V V Brown, who took a 6-year hiatus from her musical career to attend to her mental health and focus on raising her two young children, makes her very welcome return with the release on March 27th of her uplifting, thought-provoking anthem “Black British”.

Lightning Dust Announce New LP ‘Nostalgia Killer’ Out 6/9/23

“‘Run’ is about the determination to keep moving forward and loving hard. To convey this, I highlighted my favorite aspects of the city of Vancouver, with some of my favorite humans as characters (Juliana Moore, Joshua Anderson, Adrian Mciness, Chris Haslam). I chose to use rats because Vancouver’s got a special kinda grit to it that I think a city rat embodies perfectly. With the chugging movement of the song, rats on skateboards were a no brainer – plus it’s so fun!” she explains. “Much like the feelings I felt at the time of writing the song, I was lost, with little faith left. Like the rat, estranged from her pack and forced to adventure on her own. Similar to my own story, with the help of a new friendship, the lost rat is reunited and reconciled with her old world.”

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal announces new self-titled album | Shares new single ‘Moving Without Movement’ | New LP out June 2nd on Run For Cover

For over a decade the Pennsylvania-based singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Adam McIlwee, has been using the Wicca Phase Springs Eternal moniker to create a vast catalog that’s as unpredictable as it is impressive, and now the name is also the title of his latest full-length: Wicca Phase Springs Eternal offers the musician’s most finely honed and welcoming songs to date, but it’s more than just a self-titled album – it’s a portal, an entryway into an entire world.