JB Elwood Newest Single “Don’t Go Looking For Love”

A sweet country pop sensation arises from JB Elwood’s aptly named “Don’t Go Looking for Love.” The heart-warming drums take shape to feel all-encompassing. Lyrics are right at the very heart of the experience. Word choice is of the essence, with each choice given its right amount of power. The guitar works nicely and underpins the strength of his message. His voice soars on into the heavens giving it this sense of wanting something more, something better. Yet, for all that emotional outpouring, he makes sure there is a degree of caution within the message that asks the listener to question their motivations honestly.

The playful beginning sets the tone. From this quiet, hushed open, the rest of the song quickly comes into focus. Rhythms have this nimbleness, effortlessly sidestepping trends for a truly timeless work. His vocals led the way, and the rest of the group followed. Acoustic guitar nicely messes with listener expectations, crisp, clean, and concise. Light, bright, and airy, the piece has a delicacy, bringing together elements of country, folk, and rock in this rather thoughtful manner. Much of the trip revolves around a sense of freedom, of wanting to be free, of taking it easy and letting the world come to them rather than vice versa. This unique tact means the peacefulness is quite gracious, even by the final stretch.

“Don’t Go Looking for Love” shows JB Elwood’s ability to tap into the innermost yearnings for desire and affection.