Things To Consider When Designing Packaging Solution for Pet Food Products

What is the first thing you consider when you stand in the pet aisle and search for food to feed your dog? You may consider the ingredients, but this is typically after a specific type of packaging catches your eye. However, the packaging on your pet food, such as custom stand up pouches, needs to be more than attractive. Therefore, these are things you should consider when you choose packaging for pet foods.

Knowing Pet Food Regulations

Pet foods need to meet specific regulations with regard to their content. However, the pet food industry also has packaging regulations that need to be followed. For example, the label should include the ingredients in the food. It should also have statements about quantity and where it was manufactured and distributed.

Any claim you make on the packaging must also be proven. For example, you cannot state that your dog’s food improves urinary tract health without having proven it.

Use Strong Packaging Material

The packaging materials should be strong enough so that it doesn’t tear or become otherwise damaged during regular movement and handling. It needs to be practical. Most dog food bags are made of multiple layers that are reinforced. You also want packaging that won’t develop a bulge as the bag sits on a shelf. Heavier bags also need more reinforcement than lighter ones.

Choose the Right Bag Size

Your bag size will determine how it sits on a shelf. A lighter-weight bag with a flat bottom will typically be placed upright on a shelf, while a heavier bag may be laid down on a shelf. In addition, smaller bags are positioned on middle and upper shelves, while larger bags tend to be stacked at the bottom of shelves.

Print Location

Consider using a clean, clear design. Make it simple and intriguing. It should draw the client in. Make it unique and eye-catching, and place it on the bag in the location the customer sees first. How it sits on the shelf will determine what part of your bag your customers see first. Therefore, this will impact where you place your branding information and other attractive printing.

Make sure your printing is high quality as well. Ensure that you prevent distortions or other flaws in the packaging printing.

Scent Control

Pet foods have strong smells, and their smells aren’t typically pleasant. Therefore, consider materials that are not porous. These packages, such as some types of stick packaging, are made to mute or hide odors. The last thing you want is to have your packaging breached by animals that can smell your food through its packaging.

Resealing and Opening

Most customers prefer a dog food bag that can be resealed and is easy to open. Therefore, your customers should be able to open your dog food without scissors or knives. They also appreciate a zip closure of some kind so the food stays fresh.

As you consider all these options and characteristics of your packaging, you may also want to weigh the cost and benefit of recyclable, reusable or other eco-friendly options. As you narrow your choices to unique options like printed mylar bags.