SKOPE: Salt Ashes ‘Heart Attack’

The new music video by London artist Salt Ashes offers a transformative experience for lovers of escapism, the post-apocalyptic world, and marvelous fashion. 

The ‘Heart Attack’ visual extravaganza depicts the cinematic display of forbidden love with video direction and concept by Kassandra Powell, who Salt Ashes has previously worked with on last year’s release, ‘Didn’t See It Coming.’

The opening shot has Salt Ashes gracing a breathtaking silver glitter dress with monstrous-long nails, unique, radiant eye makeup, with stand-out white eyelashes. Throughout the video, Salt Ashes highlights the forbidden fruit storyline with femme fatale sensual performances alongside two male characters. 

Veiga Sanchez, better known as Salt Ashes, expands her brand of authenticity with each release. Her efforts are being recognised even by the legend himself, Sir Elton John. Her 2022 single ‘Didn’t See It Coming’ got a radio play on Elton John’s Rocket Hour; Salt Ashes reacts to this incredible achievement: “I was so overwhelmed when I got the call that Elton John was going to play my last single… And open his show with it! I’ve listened to Elton since I was little, who hasn’t! So, it’s a huge, huge honour. A dream would be a collaboration!” 

You can watch her latest music video for ‘Heart Attack’:

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