Single Review: Stevie B “Take It All Back”

If I could “Take It All Back”, and rekindle the Freestyle days, I would ….However, it looks like illustrious singer, songwriter, producer Stevie B has already done that with his new hit….Take It All Back.”

Storming the ramparts of success with mega hits including “Party Your Body”, “Spring Love”, “Dreaming of Love”, “Because I Love You (The Postman Song)”, and a barrage of others, Stevie B was a multi-platinum powerful force and music influence in the late 80’s and early 90’s. As one of the guardians of the threshold where Freestyle music ruled, Stevie B’s spirit still roams wild and embraces a divine frequency and a timeless celebration of music that was and now is again unabashedly everything.

“Take It All Back” is an edgy, textured and colorful fusion of the reincarnation of Freestyle infused with some of the best of Stevie B’s sensational hits. It also features the rhyme of Pitbull, remixed by DJ Sama, and the sparkle, upbeat, “I need to dance” rhythms that were so addictive. With a brand new song unmasked in the Freestyle genre perhaps todays music will take the hint and step it up a bit. The Music of Stevie B is about touching people on a human level, something that will never be lost. Stevie AB’s musical character gives him the ability to carry out a good resolution, a good melody long after the excitement of the moment has passed…… 

5/5 Stars

Review by Meredith Grant