Alt Rock Troubadour Jakob The Liar Presents New Single “H E A R T B E A T” – Available Now

Eclectic indie rocker Jakob The Liar presents their new single “H E A R T B E A T” – available now on Spotify and all the major music services.


With “Heartbeat,” the leadoff single from Jakob The Liar’s upcoming album The Great Awakening, Jakob starts us on the path toward a collective global epiphany in the unlikeliest of places: the backseat of a car.

Set during that recent period where so many of us felt trapped inside our homes and trapped within ourselves, two people catalyze a vital life change in one another in a moment of fleeting passion.

The relationship, alas, is doomed to fall away, but you’d never know it from the infectious sense of freedom the song conveys. For Jakob, it was important for the first taste of the album to come in the form of a pop banger.

The song includes the talents of Jakob Kupferberg (songwriter / vocals / acoustic guitars), Daniel Mells (producer / acoustic guitars / electric guitars / piano), Oliver McKiernan (producer / bass / mixer), Sebastian Hankins (drums) and Tim Debney (mastering).

See Jakob The Liar perform live in the UK on Sunday April 16th at The Copper Cat in Dalston, London and check the website for additional tour dates coming soon.