• Who inspired you to enter into psychology?

During my family trip in India, we passed by a poverty stricken area where I saw two little boys happily playing in a gutter full of sewage water. When our car stopped they ran up to our window laughing and smiling. Nearby, their grandmother was sitting inside a tent, stirring a big pot of food with a smile that could warm the heart of any human. I remember being so amazed at how happy they were. That was the moment when I first realized circumstances don’t matter, only your state of being matters.

  • What are some of your Mind Edit processes that assist people in alleviating their suffering?

Here are three techniques that I recommend to alleviate someone’s suffering. Do activities that lift your vibration such as, a Rampage of Appreciation, meditation, and if all else fails, take a nap! These processes allows you to soften your thoughts and address the sloppy thinking that splits your energy.

  • Who would you most like to have a public forum with?

I would be excited to have a public forum with Ester and Abraham Hicks because as an inspirational speaker, exchanging leading edge dialog with a notable channeler and author would be an incredible experience full of teachable moments.

  • Who can get a Mind Edit?

Anyone can get a Mind Edit, most specifically, those who need assistance realigning their thoughts, emotions and behaviors to experience the reality that they truly prefer.

  • What is one message you would give to all of your listeners?

I would tell my listeners to focus more on what you do want and focus less on what you don’t want. START DOING THIS NOW and you will see changes in your life immediately.

  • Do you sing in the shower? What songs?

Yes! I like to sing songs that lift my vibration and, in some cases, I change the words. For instance, in Kendrick Lamar’s song, Humble, I changed the chorus from “Be humble, sit down” to “Stand up, be proud”.

  • Where could people contact you for an event booking and/or a Mind Edit session?

IG: @iamcalaisrobinson | @calaisglobalmedia

FB: CalaisRobinson


  • How do you feel the Internet has impacted the psychology industry?

I think that the internet has had a positive impact on the psychology industry by making it easier to access helpful information. Such as, online therapy, life coaches, numerous self help podcasts, audiobooks, and youtube videos.

  • What type of person do you like to Mind Edit?

I like to Mind Edit people that are open and ready for a positive change in their thinking and how they feel about themselves.

  • Which famous thought thinkers do you admire?

I admire Napoleon Hill, Rainer Maria Rilke, Eckhart Tolle, Abraham Hicks, and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

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