Rebecca Folsom Releases ‘Brilliantly, Boldly Alive’

Rebecca Folsom, the award-winning singer-songwriter from Boulder, has announced the release of her new single, “Brilliantly Boldly Alive,” as an anthem to inspire women to transcend old limitations and become positive forces for change in the world. The single is the third release from Folsom’s 13th studio album, Sanctuary, which is set to launch on March 3, 2023.

Folsom enlisted an all-women team of musicians, singers, producers, and engineers to create the song, which was recorded at 4th Street Studios in Los Angeles, the first and only woman-owned studio in LA for many years. Grammy nominee Andrea Roberts produced and engineered the song, with assistance from Jasmine Mills. Musicians Ainjel Emme on bass and vocals, Elizabeth Goodfellow on drums and vocals, Andrea Roberts on piano, B3 organ and vocals, Lily Lyons on violin and Leann Roberts on vocals were brought in by Folsom to record the song.

The “Brilliantly Boldly Alive” video features behind-the-scenes footage of Folsom and her band recording the song, along with tributes to women who have broken through barriers, achieved greatness, or fought for women’s rights. Tennis legend Billie Jean King, education activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai, and the record-breaking American aviator Amelia Earhart are among the women featured in the video.

Folsom’s new single aims to inspire women to break free from limitations and become a positive force for change in the world. With an all-women team, Folsom has created a powerful message of empowerment and solidarity, celebrating the achievements of women who have fought for equality and freedom. Fans of Folsom’s music can look forward to her upcoming album, Sanctuary, which promises to be an inspiring and uplifting collection of songs.

Folsom says about her new single, “This song was made with an all women band and all women tech crew in a woman-owned studio. It was one of the most creative and delightful musical experiences I’ve ever had. It truly was Brilliantly Boldly Alive!”