Namor releases Debut Album ‘Mile High Club’

We got to chat with Namor around the release of the album Mile High Club. We talked about Namor’s influences, stage name, dream collaboration and future plans.

Q) Hi Namor, can you start by introducing yourself?

A) Hey, my name is Namor. I am currently an independent Artist/Producer/Songwriter and I’ve been working in music for about five years now. My real name is Roman Shokuri, and I was born/raised in the Bay Area, California. I had been producing solely for other artists for most of my early career, and I just now released my first album.

Q) Among all genres, why did you decide to make synth/pop music?

A) I wouldn’t say I made the decision to move into Synth/Pop, but I slowly ended up in the genre. I had started off making this weird hybrid style of trap beats with distorted synths under the drums, and that sound made up most of my early influence. When I began working with more pop singers, I started producing more in that realm. The synth sound was already very prevalent in my style, so I just had to learn how to utilize them the way I felt was right. That’s basically how I found my love for Pop music.

Q) What can you tell us about your debut album Mile High Club?

A) This album is the first project I have ever released under my own name. The genre is Pop, but it is centered around Dance/Electronica music. It features a few different voices, aside from my own. I wrote and produced the record with the intent of reflecting on my experiences with people in my life. I worked with artists Tucker Starbuck, LifeonMarzz, Lea Fromm, and House Of Carbon to tell this story, which takes place entirely within an elite dance club named The Mile High Club.

Q) Do you listen to your own music after its release?

A) I tend to listen to my demos a lot, which is a normal part of the creative process. But by the time a song gets released, I’ve already moved on to the next few ideas.

Q) If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A) This is a difficult question, but one of them would be “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt. Every section of that song is just perfect.

Q) What’s your dream collaboration?

A) I’m going to give two answers on this one. I would love to work with The Weeknd. Whether it’s a fully collaborative song or just my production paired with his vocals, I think it would sound impeccable. The same goes for Dua Lipa. A somewhat dark yet funky dance track with her would be killer. They’re both up there on my list.

Q) What can we expect in the next few months?

A) For now, I am working on more visual content and live shows for this album. But I’ve already been working on a lot of new music as well. Expect to hear a lot more solo projects going forward. I’ve only teased a bit of my vocal ability on two of the tracks on the Mile High Club. So, there is definitely much more of that on the way. I cannot promise when you’ll hear the next project, as I would like this album to have its time to shine. But when it’s ready, the next chapter is going to be even bigger.

Listen to the album: