Jekalyn Carr New Video “I Believe God”

No mortal man can say what heaven looks like. The celestial realm is God’s alone and defies our attempts to depict it. The best we can do is approach its glory through metaphor and imagery. Clouds and golden radiance, beams of light and clear blue skies: all of these things seem to belong to heaven. They represent elevation, transcendence, purity, clarity or purpose, and closeness to the Almighty. Those are the qualities Jekalyn Carr captures in “I Believe God,” her thunderous new single and her latest testament to the healing power of faith. Therefore it’s only natural that the video for the song should give us a glimpse of heaven as it might be – a place of peace, love, beauty, and music.

And while a full apprehension of heaven is reserved for the angels, it’s fair to say there’s no better messenger on Earth right now than Jekalyn Carr. She’s risen to the top of gospel music through a combination of talent, dedication, creative imagination, tireless labor on behalf of humanity, and unswerving faith in God. Her past eighteen months have been a whirlwind of achievement and recognition: she became the first gospel artist to be inducted into the Women’s Songwriters Hall of Fame and President Biden granted her a Lifetime Achievement Award. It was hard to imagine how she could top Changing Your Story, the dramatic Grammy-nominated full-length that entertained and elevated listeners of all kinds – an album that captured the hearts of the mainstream pop audience without compromising a word of Carr’s devotional message. With the irresistible “I Believe God,” she’s done just that.

The new single is Carr at her most powerful and her most assured. Her singing is fiery, inspired, and fully embodied; her vocal melody is decorated with runs, daredevil swoops, and jeweled strands of notes, but she never loses the main idea or oversells her lyric. Instead, she lets her testament of faith speak for itself. God, Carr assures us, will always be there for those who follow his voice and believe in Him. No obstacle is too great, and no challenge is too formidable for the heavenly creator. WayNorth Music has matched Carr’s magnificent performance with music that reflects its grandeur. “I Believe God” sounds like a service in full flower, complete with broad piano chords, powerhouse drums, and a choir of true believers echoing the star’s inspirational words.

Allen Carr’s video, too, reinforces the song’s majesty. The singer may not have made it all the way to heaven yet, but it sure looks as if she’s at least halfway there. Decked out in sunshine gold, Carr hovers midair on a white staircase; later, surrounded by the rest of the congregation, she performs in an ethereal church. Though the scenery is fantastic, her confidence is palpable. God’s got her, and she knows it – and she wants to make sure you realize that the same salvation, and the same glories, are available to you, too.

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