Haynes draws the audience’s attention to warm, comfy tones and hammers down on the makings of what makes luxury so luxurious…unique, tailored, detailed craftsmanship. Haynes defines and shapes fit, one of the most recognizable hallmarks of fashion production important to most fashion consumers. Designer Justin Haynes (JUS10H) has staked his mark on the industry of fashion with his mastery of design, textiles, the infusion of artistic elements and fitted tailoring. His dynamic showcase of his artistic creativity has garnered the attention of multiple national and international publications and that of high profiled clients in addition to mammoth sized corporate branding giants such as Google, Hennesey, Apple and others.

Haynes now hails as one of the first Black American designers to merge his love of fashion with fine art and music while showcasing in his hometown for the fashion industry’s capitol stage of New York Fashion Week. What is most important about Haynes is not the “what?” but the “why?” Haynes started his journey setting out with the goal of putting his once unknown hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts on the map. He took a leap of faith and leapt to new heights leaving secure employment for the uncertainty of entrepreneur life. It would seem that His unwavering belief has paid off. He Has now made history notable for editorial penmanship in history books.

Haynes is resonant with the historic message of “Living Art.” He encapsulates the audience with his most recent collection “CORE: The Basics of Luxury.” His most memorable moment for this showcase encompasses the ability to embrace on the runway one of his near and dear, biggest, longtime supporters, his mother. Haynes brought the eyes of New York Fashion Week and its global market base directly centered and streaming live merging the power of digital with the Council of Fashion Designers America 360 Network during the closing day of New York Fashion Week. One of the two things that typically remains in the minds of the critical detailed fashion audience is how a show begins and how a show ends. Being selected as either an opening or closing designer in an official NYFW show is a highly esteemed honor.