Michael Holyfield Jr, known professionally as Young Holyfield is a rapper/ songwriter. Born in Atlanta, Ga ( Grady baby). Young Holyfield discovered is love for music at the age of 8, and wrote his first song at the age of 14. Young Holyfield grew up in a well known, well respected parts of Atlanta. Young Holyfield faced a lot of different challenges throughout young adulthood which ultimately led to him being incarcerated in one of the most dangerous prisons in GA (Reidsville). After being released music came to a halt for Young Holyfield. Young Holyfield decided to go to school with all the odds in the world stacked up against him, (young, black, convicted felon). Young Holyfield graduated top of his class and moved on the be the best Dental Surgical Assistant. Young Holyfield worked in Dentistry for 14 years. Music is my therapy. I let my pen caress the pages, while my emotions lubricate my thoughts. Music has always been my passion. Just never got a chance to tell my story.

First and foremost, let me say I had an exceptional team of creative thinkers. We wanted to get outside the box as much as possible, so we listened to the song countless of times (literally day and night) We studied other videos & talent for inspiration. Then the process began before my team and I planned anything we set an EXACT budget then we found a location based on the theme of the video. We then created a storyboard to determine what equipment would be needed for each scene. Then we found our film crew and we let the magic happen and birthed a beautiful project.