Renowned Hotel Ugly move into indie lo-fi climbs with ‘Action Figures Fighting’

Viral group Hotel Ugly have gone from a brand new band to one of the most listened to acts in the world. Since their huge debut single ‘Shut up My Moms Calling’, the R&B sliced catchy-pop track has caught the attention of millions upon millions since 2020, and have now returned in 2023 with another fresh offering.

‘Action Figures Fighting’ is pioneered by Mike Vince, the multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter behind Hotel Ugly, and it moves to a slightly more indie pop and lo-fi feeling. Melancholic Spanish guitar chords and hook-rodden melodies, this new single holds the values of what has made Ugly global, whilst also taking fans into a differering listening experience. ‘I would do it for you, for you’ will circle around your head on repeat, as Vince once again captures the essence of what is needed to create a modern pop-infused hit. Check out ‘Action Figures Fighting’ now.