What are the benefits of Phonak hearing aids?

Hearing aids aren’t a new thing. They’ve been used commercially since the early 1900s and are regularly being redeveloped to improve the quality of life for those with hearing difficulties. 

Phonak hearing aids are known worldwide for their high quality and innovative designs – so let’s take a look at some of the key benefits. 

Phonak hearing aids are easy to use

Many people are discouraged from purchasing a hearing aid because they think it will be difficult to use and maintain – but this isn’t the case. 

Phonak hearing aids are perfect for everyone, even self-proclaimed tech novices. 

Most models can be controlled from the myPhonak app for ease of interaction. With this, you can customise your hearing preferences to the surrounding area, helping you to easily distinguish between sounds, even in crowded spaces.  

There is a range of accessories to support Phonak hearing aids

Phonak hearing aids are a helpful support device for hearing the world, but the possibilities for enhancing your hearing experience don’t end there.

There is number of hearing aids for sale online where you can also buy a selection of accessories and tools to further enhance your hearing experience, including Bluetooth streamers, base stations, and TV link kits to ensure you never miss out on your favourite shows, films, or songs ever again.

You can always count on a Phonak hearing aid

Phonak prides itself on creating reliable products that stand the test of time. The highly durable design means your Phonak hearing aids will survive even the heaviest of use, without a reduction in sound quality or damage occurring. 

It’s recommended that you invest in the Phonak cleaning kit to maintain their condition and reduce the likelihood of experiencing bacterial infections. It won’t only make each hearing aid feel as good as new at all times, but it will also preserve the quality, making it worth every penny. 

Being rechargeable, the batteries in Phonak hearing aids can last up to 6 years with the right care and take just 3 hours to reach 100% charge. A fully charged battery lasts 24 hours, so with Phonak, you’re always ready to go – no more waiting around for a battery to charge. 

There’s a Phonak hearing aid for everyone

Phonak is a company that recognises the varying needs of its customer base, which is why they have a selection of colourways and price points for you to choose from. 

To purchase a Phonak hearing aid today, head to Hear For Less – the leading supplier of hearing solutions, with a friendly team who are on hand to answer any of your questions. 

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