KING COMEBACK Releases ‘BYT 2.0’

King Comeback is a native to the Eastside of Atlanta. Originally from Stone Mountain, Georgia, he began writing music at the age of 12. Around the age of 15 he began skipping school and running the streets. This lead to him smoking and eventually selling weed. He still however maintained decent grades and leadership positions in band, which earned him admittance to Tuskegee University with a band scholarship. Once there, his love for learning was outmatched by his love for hustling and having fun. This ultimately got him kicked out and ironically, the former schoolboy and bandsman resorted back to hustling, to cover his college tuition and living expenses.

Tragedy struck in 2012 when the artist was shot and paralyzed during an attempted robbery. However, not even this could not stop his passion or determination. He continued his education while pursuing a career within the music industry. Not only is King Comeback an artist, but also a talented songwriter, producer, and audio engineer.

Never looking back, in 2015 King Comeback created and launched his own record label; Track Blazers Entertainment. He went on to release his debut song “Bet You Thought” (BYT), an ode to his triumph over his ordeal through his music. King Comeback wants to show that you can not only survive, but in fact thrive with a disability. He wants to show people that they can live the life that they want, despite their own challenges.