Women Eyeglasses That You Can Consider

As a woman, you have many eyeglasses that you can pick from your online store. But the problem for you may be choosing the perfect one. If you are having a difficult time in selecting your eyeglasses, you can consider yourselves covered. You have a list here of eyeglasses designs like cat eye glass frames and the simple rimless ones so that you can have different styles that you can have for your next eyeglasses.

Women Eyeglasses Design Options

Cat Eye Glasses

One of the most popular frames that women use is the cat eye glass frames. It exudes elegance and luxury for those who use this type of eyeglasses. Women with round shapes benefit from cat eyeglasses. People with beautiful eyes wear cat eyeglasses because the focus of those onlookers goes directly to the center and to the eyes themselves.

Cat eyeglasses have been part of the style community since the 1950s. It has since been modernized and has become part of the culture during these years and beyond. You can partner cat eyeglasses with many outfits and even try photochromic sunglasses. You can even use these glasses at formal and gala events. 

Clear frames

Another modern look for women is the use of clear frames. Many clear frames are coming out in the market and this style has been spotted in many Hollywood corners as actresses have been wearing these frames during their daily walks. There are a lot of designs for clear frames which can be as high as thousands of dollars or as low as a hundred bucks.

With clear frames, you can find different colors with translucent designs. The beauty of clear frames is that people are drawn more to the eyes rather than the eyeglasses themselves. If you have prescription glasses, you have to make sure that your lenses fit nicely into the frames.

Rimless frames

If you want a more minimalist style for your glasses, you may want to consider the rimless variants of eyeglasses. Rimless glasses are the ones with no rims on them. Instead, the lenses are fitted to the temple and handle only. The lenses are connected through the nose bridge along with the pads.

Rimless frames are lighter compared to typical glasses because of the removal of the bulk of the material that holds the lenses. Rimless frames can be made of stainless steel, titanium, or plastic. If you have not tried wearing rimless frames before, you may want to try them on for your next glasses.

Tortoise shell glasses 

For those who like to combine style and vintage designs, you may want to try tortoise shell glasses. These glasses are called as such because of the tortoise shell pattern placed on the plastic of the material. Before the 1970s, actual tortoise shells were used on these glasses. But because of the laws implemented prohibiting the use of such shells, manufacturers are now just replicating the design in order to have the same look but without the utilization of such materials.

Tortoise shells come in different shapes and sizes. You have to decide on the specs of the tortoise shells that want on your eyeglasses as well as the color pattern that you prefer.


You must always be given the opportunity to look better wherever you are. This includes your clothes, your make-up, and even your eyeglasses. Whether you are at home, at work, or even on your morning walk in the park, you must have ways on styling your eyeglasses. You may want to consider cat eye glass frames for a more luxurious style or you can go for a minimalist approach. Either way, you have a lot of options to choose from for your next eyeglasses.