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Ela Ozturk Stuns In Emotional New Single “Circle Back To Me”

Turkish-American singer-songwriter Ela Ozturk has released her moving single “Circle Back To Me.” Juxtaposing heartfelt piano and a cadence of accenting strings and drums tucked softly into the background, the elegant track peels back layers to reveal all the emotions that come with love. The new single, available now on all digital platforms worldwide, highlights Ozturk’s passionate and expressive gift for storytelling and a uniquely beautiful voice.


The slick new single tells the story of Deante’ and his partner in the throes of an argument, cleverly referencing the classic line of “you were right, I was wrong” throughout the song’s chorus. Driven by its sleek, seductive production and Deante’s penchant for clever lyricism, his latest single is a playful ode to the familiar ebbs and flows of a relationship.

J. Stalin Continues His Bay Area Legacy with ‘Prenuptial Agreement 2’ [OUT NOW]

Molly Joyce, an artist motivated by disability, releases ‘Open Arms,’ the companion EP to ‘Perspective’

CHRONICLE: new single and video “Terrorform” out today

Self-Love Anthem & Video from Sam Casey Out Today; EP Feb 24

The confident new single, “I’m Fucking Sam,” illustrates the experience of being wanted/adored for what you can do for someone rather than who you really are. It also discusses the vices that we may fall back on when discovering these ugly realities for the first time.

THE ROCKET SUMMER Kicks Off 2023 With Euphoric “Stuck Inside Your Light”

Sophie B. Hawkins Releases Soaring New Single “Better Off Without You”

“Better Off Without You” sees the trailblazing artist taking her power back, reflecting on her revolutionary career while also embarking on a new creative chapter of independence and positivity. Moody yet soaring, the song is an exploration of betrayal and the transformative triumph of radical self-love, with an anthemic chorus of “I’m better off without you/I’m really doing fine/My whole life was about you/and now I’m finding mine.” Sophie encourages listeners to sing it loud and proud for their exes next month as an anti-Valentine’s Day anthem.


“One night it was super late and my roommate tossed out the phrase ‘record high,'” Dylan said. “We started writing right then and kinda flipped what you normally think of when you think of a record high, and wrote it in a negative sense about a breakup in the absolute worst way it could be done. I’m so proud of how everything came together for this song. It’s for sure one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written.”


Speaking about he new single, Tom said: “With what’s going on in the world, with so many people struggling, affected financially, by COVID, by loads of different things, it’s one of those songs that helps you believe that there is somebody in your life that is going to be there for you in the struggle. There’s the battle of everything. But when it’s shared with somebody else, you’re doing it together, not just on your own. So that’s what it’s about: if I’m here for you, then please be here for me.”


Ela Ozturk Stuns In Emotional New Single “Circle Back To Me”

Turkish-American singer-songwriter Ela Ozturk has released her moving single “Circle Back To Me.” Juxtaposing heartfelt piano and a cadence of accenting strings and drums tucked softly into the background, the elegant track peels back layers to reveal all the emotions that come with love. The new single, available now on all digital platforms worldwide, highlights Ozturk’s passionate and expressive gift for storytelling and a uniquely beautiful voice.

Minneapolis synth punk Toilet Rats shares video for “Carol Kane”

Singer-Songwriter Madelyn Rose Releases Debut Single, “Taillights Fade” Today

“Releasing “Taillights Fade” definitely feels surreal, watching this song come to life has been so cool,” Madelyn says. “I love how we turned the taillights fading idea into a positive thing for the singer and listener! Relationships can be toxic, and knowing that you can move on, and leave that toxic relationship is the motivation I needed to release this song. I hope fans gain a sense of confidence from my music!”

Fort Worth / Seattle / NYC-based Bosque Brown returns with new single “You Said”


viral pop sensation Havanna Winter releases new single

“‘Death Wish’ is about love and how romance is unpredictable and a bit of a double-edged sword if you will,” says Havanna Winter. “Sometimes it’s a blessing and other times a lesson…but you never know in advance, and you have no choice but to gamble, even with your heart at stake, because if you don’t, you might miss out on the most incredible part of life and something true, real, and meaningful. The inspiration behind it came from one of my favorite movies: Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet. I am so obsessed with the theme of the movie, with a mix of Shakespearean and the Roman Catholic, modern-fashion-pop-culture, being the most beautiful, yet most tragic love story of all times.”

Walk off the Earth Drop Relatable Anthem “My Stupid Heart”

Indie Outfit Ten Kills The Pack Shares the Grungy New Single + Video “Lying In The Grass Thinking About Death”

Sroka explains, “….this might only appeal to the nerds, but ‘Lying in the Grass…’ was my attempt to reverse the more typical or “normal” process of writing I tend to lean on (as do many); which is to look at a larger concept, idea, or series of moments and carefully craft it down into a couple of minutes. But, I wanted to try (as best I could) to entirely pull from just one precise individual second.. a total blip. And fully expand on every flashing thought within it.

Oliver Hazard Releases New Single “Ballerina” Today

Oliver Hazard writes earnest and emotional music that you can’t help but sing along to. “This song, like so many, is simply about the loss of a relationship – but it’s more of an ode, stating it’s okay, it’s for the best, but it will never lose its value. The beginning only has a guitar riff. The overall creation of the song is a sum of the band’s parts, each member adding their own individual idea and experience to the track,” states Oliver Hazard about “Ballerina.”

Pat “the Panther” Reilly and Aimee Zambrana Form Dark Synth Rock Duo ERAMNESIA

Pat Reilly and Aimee Zambrana share, “Eramnesia merges influences from the past with inspiration from the supposed future. ‘Alone Under Neon Lights’ has a ‘classic’ rock sound reminiscent of bands such as Pink Floyd, but updated with modern elements. We hope this fusion of sounds will not only make our music feel current, but even futuristic at times. Eramnesia aims to create music that evokes the feeling of being in a alternate time altogether, and each song will achieve that in a different way.”

Skott Releases “Hail Mary” Single with Video and Announces ‘Roses N Guns’ Album


ÅSKVÄDER Unveil New Single “Don’t Worry”

“Don’t Worry” is the latest offering from Swedish rock ‘n’ roll outfit, ÅSKVÄDER. Blending Scandinavian garage rock and bluesy licks, “Don’t Worry” an uplifting track inspired by the untroubled mentality commonly found in the group’s hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden, and is out now via The Sign Records.

The Neverland Express (Meat Loaf’s Band) + Caleb Johnson (American Idol Winner) Share “Bat Out Of Hell” via Louder | ‘Paradise Found’ LP Out Now

Paul Crook — Meat Loaf’s longtime producer, music director, and guitarist — recently announced the brand new release, Paradise Found: Bat Out of Hell Reignited, a new LP helmed by Meat Loaf’s official band, The Neverland Express — featuring alumni Justin Avery, (keyboard, vocals), Tom Brislin (orchestration), Steve Buslowe (bass), Paul Crook (guitar), Randy Flowers (guitar), David Luther (saxophone), Lyssa Lynne (“Stop Right There!”), John Miceli (drums) — plus American Idol Season 13 winner Caleb Johnson providing lead vocals. Today, the album is finally out through Deko Entertainment and Crook’s label, Crooked Media, LLC.

Bryan Martin shares new single & video “Wolves Cry” + announces new album due 3/31

“‘Wolves Cry’ is purely about how I was raised,” shares Martin. “It’s a testament to appreciating your roots, even if you don’t come from much. I want it to serve as a reminder to people to not let your past get in the way of what you really want in life.”

Parker Lane Releases Folk Pop Album ‘Kaleidoscope’

“I wrote ‘Magic’ thinking about my son and daughter who are far away from me. I wanted them to know that I’ll be back and not to give up on me – or US,” shares Printz on the new track. “Then I realized that this song is for EVERYONE who has loved ones that are overseas, in the military, or away at college. On the bridge, I pictured myself standing at the edge of the water on the East Coast, staring across at Scotland hoping that my daughter would know I’m there looking at her.

Glazergirl Releases New Single “Don’t Weep” + Lyric Video

Singer-Songwriter ‘Marcus Man’ Relates Football Woes To Relationship Anxieties In Latest Single ‘Relegated’

DEMONSTEALER: Indian metal icon streams new track ft. Kataklysm, Ne Obliviscaris members; ‘The Propaganda Machine’ LP out March via Black Lion Records

Demonstealer, India’s premier metal musician Sahil Makhija’s (of Demonic Resurrection) solo venture, is streaming “Monolith of Hate,” the first single from his upcoming fourth album, The Propaganda Machine, out 31st March via Sweden’s Black Lion Records digitally and physically (CD, cassette, and vinyl). The track features Anabelle Iratni (Veile, ex-Cradle of Filth) on keys, Hannes Grossmann (Alkaloid, Triptykon, Blotted Science) on drums, and Dominic ‘Forest’ Lapointe (First Fragment, Augury, BARF) on bass.

Freak Folk Artist L.T. Leif Releases New Album ‘Come Back to Me, but Lightly’


CHAIDURA Releases Official Music Video for “With You”! FFO: Bring Me The Horizon, My Chemical Romance

THE K’s — Unveil Video For: “Hoping Maybe” || + UK Tour This March

Smartbombmusic Are Barbaric With New Video “Wasteland” FT. XL The Beast & Big Shug (Gang Starr Foundation)

Smartbombmusic (Dr. Whooligan & Rock The Wolf) follow up their debut single Euthanasia Featuring Rockness Monsta (Heltah Skeltah) & XL The Beast with a new video Wasteland Feat. Big Shug (Gang Starr Foundation) & XL The Beast. Produced by Johnny Slash and directed by SandoFilms, the visuals depict a forsaken area indicative of the song’s concept. “A wasteland is a desolate and barren place that’s unsuitable for growth, a kind of spiritual limbo, which is symbolic of the current state of mainstream Rap music. We represent the conscious and subconscious collective voice of reason inside the head of the average rapper who has been seduced by the industry to portray a certain stereotypical image for monetary gain” says Smartbomb. Check it out now on your preferred digital streaming platform.

Metal Guitarist/Vocalist Tara Lynch Releases New Single Featuring Drum Legend Vinny Appice & Video “Badassery”

Tara Lynch returns with her legendary guests Vinny Appice, Bjorn Englen and producer Brent Woods to bring you an anthemic song she wrote in dedication to her love for fast cars and the racetrack. Check out her official “Badassery” video, a documentary-style love note to cars and guitars that features Tara Lynch doing exactly what she loves both on tour and at the racetrack.

Mississippi Lyrical Lo-Fi Artist Laeland Announces “Love Is Killing U, Vol. 1” EP

Today. rapper/singer/producer Laeland announces his next EP Love Is Killing U, Vol. 1, out on March 3. The project is the third from the Mississippi-based artist and his first with Nettwerk, following 2018’s Heavily Edited Heart, Vol. 1 and 2021’s Traveling Alone.