Tuvaband shines in experimental indie-folk album ‘New Orders’

Tuvaband is an eclectic indie folk artist from Norway, who carves a slice of explorative and atmospheric music that is unique and highly strung to say the least. She has just released her fourth studio album, ‘New Orders’, entirely self produced by Tuva, and features beautiful soft piano ballads such as ‘Something Good’, to full band offerings in ‘Full Bloom’, showcasing Tuva’s complete versatility and serendipitous approach to her craft.

Title track ‘New Orders’ is a stunning and spellbinding delivery of Tuvaband’s artistry, where she almost goes into her own genre re-defining world, transcending into a soundscape of pure emotion and feeling. It’s delicate yet empowering, and that’s what makes this artist stand in her own lane. Check out ‘New Orders’ from Tuvaband now.