Put Your Ears on Hold for ‘Call Waiting’

Conner Cherland is a talented singer/songwriter from Southern California that makes ‘Call Waiting’ sound like the best thing since sliced bread! ‘Call Waiting’ is a new EP by Conner Cherland that features 6, well-constructed songs. Based on themes of love, loss and emotional maturity, ‘Call Waiting’ offers the listener a full bowl of audible goodness. With enriching lyrics and notable vocals, Conner Cherland makes ‘Call Waiting’ cool again!

The record features: Conner Cherland on vocals, guitar, accordion, synthesizer and backing vocals, Andrew Leigh on electric guitar, John Bottrell on bass & synthesizer, Sam Marsey on backing vocals, Quentin Purviance on drums, toy piano and percussion, Ben Higginbotham on keyboard and Joe Sadler & Gregory Ullery on synthesizer. Together, these musicians have created a sound that is full of life and has listeners hanging onto every single note. ‘Call Waiting’ is an Indie Rock record you will want to pick up now, so don’t put that thought on hold.

The EP kicks off with the title track, “Call Waiting” that is musically rich and attention-grabbing plus offers up a very catchy hook to boot. “You Are What You Take In” is the next track and you receive an appealing tone from beginning to end. “You Are What You Take In” pulls you in from the start and doesn’t let you go thanks to a strong delivery by Conner Cherland. Moving along, the audience gets hit with a “Heavy” sensation that is about to be a fan-favorite. There is nothing lightweight about “Heavy” as this song exhibits large amounts of rich substance. Conner Cherland is simply killing it on track four, “I Don’t Need CA”, where everything is clicking on all levels. On the following number, “Good For Something”, Conner is taking a sensitive approach on the microphone and being more vulnerable as an artist. Conner delivers a simple yet poignant performance on “Good For Something” where that personal touch can be heard loud & clear. Conner Cherland provides a fantastic finish on “Robin” where this singer/songwriter is soaring high musically. Conner supplies an excellent performance on “Robin” and includes a soothing melody that will please listeners everywhere!

‘Call Waiting’ has that rawness factor while also being polished overall and the audience will find joy in listening to this EP. With feeling galore and catchy chords, I sense that Conner Cherland poured everything he had into making this record. Conner even states here: “This is the first record of mine that I’ve ever cried to because I’m so proud of it, and it just moves me.” If you’re looking for a high quality production that will excite your senses, then tap into ‘Call Waiting’. Conner Cherland is standing by, so don’t hesitate and pick up ‘Call Waiting’ today!

Also, be sure to SKOPE out the official music video for “Call Waiting” right here: https://youtu.be/KhsJJtr8buE.