Bring in the New Year with IVANA’s new single ‘When You Call Me (Soniye)’

IVANA’s new single is truly beautiful with a fusion of R&B and Indian music. ‘When You Call Me (Soniye)’ brings us dholak drum beats mixed with sensual R&B vocals. IVANA is an emerging artist in the UK, and is looking to develop her fusion music further in an EP due to be released in 2023.

“Growing up in the UK with my heritage wasn’t always an easy experience and I struggled with my identity a lot. I spent most of my life pushing my heritage away to fit in. This applied to my work as a musician as well. Over the last few years I’ve reconnected with so many areas of my heritage and now draw from the music I loved as a child, and my culture. My new single ‘When You Call Me (Soniye)’ has really allowed me to explore the amalgamation of the R&B and Indian genre. I aim to bring more representation, and empowerment for women of colour within the industry.”

IVANA is a singer-songwriter, originally from South Africa, now living in Lancashire, UK. As a self-taught musician Ivana sings, plays acoustic guitar, and alto saxophone. She has performed across the UK and Europe for audiences of 2,000. IVANA’s new single ‘When You Call Me (Soniye)’ draws from her South African & South Indian heritage bringing a fluidity, and fusion of genres in her music. Ivana’s music influences include Sade, Zack Knight, and Ariana Grande.

When You Call Me (Soniye) is now available to Buy and Stream on all platforms.