Skope: Sarah Reeves ‘More The Merrier’

After listening to a Christmas spectacle that is Sarah Reeves’ album ‘More The Merrier,’ you’ll quickly realise her soothing warm vocals are made for this special time of the year. In this 8-track selection of jolly sing-alongs, Reeves delivers a record that will instantly become a classic holiday must-listen.

This year, Sarah Reeves bears more presents with a new ‘More The Merrier’ 12″ Vinyl ready to be wrapped up under the Christmas tree. For this project, Reeves went beyond the absolute classics and offered original holiday songwriting on ‘Sentimental,’ ‘Snow Globe,’ and the title track. 

For her own version of ‘Winter Wonderland,’ Sarah Reeves invited American Idol’s Clark Beckham to perform this enchanting carol. In her Christmas special, Reeves presents ‘More The Merrier’ vintage charm of her spin centered around her soft raspy vocals. 

Her holiday performance is topped off with breathtaking sequence gowns and red lipstick that completes Reeves’ outfit as a Christmas princess. 

You can listen to ‘More The Merrier’ below: