Harmony Dreamers Upcoming Single ‘Without You’ Out December 16

Harmony Dreamers embrace a distinct vaporwave aesthetic on “Without You”. The song has an enormity behind it. With a mixture of old school and contemporary aesthetics, a nostalgic yearning certainly plays an essential role in guiding the sound forward. A synthetic quality runs through it, as it is hard to pick out exactly what is real. By embracing this technique Harmony Dreamers always seem to be right on the absolute edges of perception. Vocals swim through this heavy haze and the grooves have a muscle about them.


From the very beginning they have a deliriousness to them. Swirling about the number of colors adds to the kaleidoscopic aspect. Nods to groups like Death’s Dynamic Shroud certainly work as a nice reference point to the space they occupy. Yet there is this mind-melting tactics that they employ liberally further making sure that easy pigeonholing is hard to place. By having fun with confounding listener expectations, they keep things unexpected. Over the course of the work there is a dream-like quality to the way that they bring amount the style. Becoming ever more all-encompassing the atmosphere has a thickness to it. Virtually taking up every part of the sound spectrum adds to its intoxicating allure, all the way to the very final moments of the piece.

“Without You” shows off the surrealist imagery of Harmony Dreamers for they create a world that has such vivid imagery to it.