Top Safety Precautions You Need to Build into Your Deck

A deck allows you to enjoy the fresh outdoors without leaving the house. However, you must be certain that the deck is safe for use for the many years it will serve as a source of enjoyment. Some top safety considerations to keep in mind:


The foundation posts must be deep enough to cross the frost line to ensure the deck is reliable and durable. The support posts may move if the holes are shallow, especially during winter when the ground freezes, causing the soil to shift. Encasing the base of the support posts with galvanized plates before anchoring them to the pier with concrete can help them last longer.


The railings are a vital safety feature of your deck, especially if you have playful kids and pets. You must be sure the railings can withstand at least 200 lbs. of pressure. A good push and pull can help you to ascertain if it is strong enough. The posts must be no further apart than 6 feet, while there should be no more than 4 inches between each baluster. The railing must be at least 36 inches high with a diameter of less than 2.25 inches to make them easy to grip.


You should routinely check the fasteners used on the deck for corrosion and tightness. If the nail or screw has popped up, you should tighten them or replace them promptly. If you still find the stairs wobbling or creaking, you should call in rooftop decks Chicago professionals to check the deck’s structural integrity to prevent a sudden collapse.


The stairs must be firmly attached to the deck and should not wobble when people climb up or down. You must ensure that the individual parts of the stairs are sound and firmly attached, especially where the stairs connect with the deck. The same safety measures for the railings apply to the stair guardrails. Keeping the stair clear of obstacles like planters and art can help people avoid tripping.

Integrity of the Wood

Rot and various insects like termites can damage the wooden planks and structure, making the stairs unsafe. You must regularly clean the stairs of leaves, moss, mold, and mildew because the surface can become slippery and cause the wood to rot over time. You can use a tool with a sharp tip to check the integrity of the wood. If you find the tip easily penetrates the wood or the wood is spongy, you need to replace the wooden planks immediately. According to NADRA, heavy snowfall may cause the deck to weaken.


In addition to the above safety precautions, you should take care to ensure proper lighting of the deck to help people see where they are going. Place the lights strategically and replace the busted one immediately. Make sure you install all the electrical fixtures properly. Trimming the trees in the deck’s proximity helps to check the accumulation of leaves and twigs and the chances of heavy branches falling, leading to accidents. Installing the flashing right also ensures your house is safe from dampness.