PMP Exam Preparation – 2022

PMP is the acronym for Project Management Professional. PMP Course certification is provided by the Project Management Institiute (PMI). PMP certification will help you get jobs in the top organisations worldwide. According to PMIs latest survey, PMP- certified professionals earn 16% more average annual salary than non-PMPs in Project Management field. Moreover, by 2030 there will be a need for more than 25 million PMP-certified professionals as per the growing trends.  

To gain this widely recognised certification, PMI requires you to pass the PMP Exam. According to industry experts, PMP Exam is considered as the most challenging professional exam in 2022. Read this blog to know more about the PMP Exam and how to clear it in your first attempt.  

  1. Let’s discuss everything about PMP Exam preparation 
  2. Tips to get on with PMP Exam preparation 
  3. Conclusion 

Let’s discuss everything about PMP Exam preparation 

Before you begin with preparing for the world’s most in-demand certification, we must take a note of few facts. These will surely help you prepare for the PMP Exam. 

Eligibility criteria 

There are three categories of eligibility  

  • If the candidate has a 3-year degree qualification 

Along with a three-year-long degree, the candidate must have at least 7500 hours of relevant Project Management experience. This must be gained during the last five years prior to applying for the PMP Exam. Also, the candidate must have at least 35 hours of Project Management training or a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification.  

  • If the candidate has a 4-year degree qualification 

The second category is applicable if you have pursued a 4-year degree and at least 4500 hours of Project Management experience. With this, you should complete 35 hours of project management training from a PMI-authorised institution or have a CAPM certification. 

  • If the candidate has a Master’s degree qualification 

If the candidate has a Master’s degree along, they need to have 24 months of project management experience. Along with this, they will need 35 hours of project management training from a PMI-authorised institution or a CAPM certificate. 

Application for the exam 

Register yourself by creating a PMI account in the official website of PMI. You will have to share basic personal information like your educational background and specifics of the projects that you have worked on. After this you have to wait for your application approval, then you may proceed with the PMP Exam by paying the required exam fee

Structure of Exam 

As per recent updates regarding the pattern of the PMP Exam, there will be 180 questions which have seven categories of questions. These seven categories are – situational-based, ITTO-based, definition-based, formula-based, diagram-based, interpretational, and professional responsibilities. 

Tips to get on with PMP Exam preparation 

Here, we have listed out PMP Exam tips which will help you as a checklist for your PMP Exam preparation. 

Do proper research 

Before diving directly into the preparation, conduct thorough research of the PMP Exam syllabus. This will make sure that you do not miss on anything important for the exam. 

Mentally prepare yourself 

After research, prepare yourself mentally for the exam and make a clear picture of your goals. This will work as a motivation to constantly work towards PMP Exam preparation. 

Assign some dedicated study hours 

Instead studying at random hours train your brain for particular hours, which you completely dedicate for your preparation. While making your time table for this make room for small breaks this will make a big impact on your learning process. 

Refer to good study materials 

Make sure you refer to quality and standard PMP study materials for your PMP Exam preparation. These materials must include sample questions that you can practice to get a hold of the exam pattern. Additionally, ensure that PMBOK Guide is a must in your list of books. You can also register for PMP Course that will help you prepare thoroughly for the PMP Exam. 

Take mock Tests 

After your preparation do not forget to attempt the mock tests. There are many websites that offer PMP Exam simulations.  


The preparation process for the PMP Exam could be overwhelming because of its high demand and top-notch competition level. But, with a proper strategy and consistency, you’ll be definitely able to crack the exam. Get yourself PMP-certified and emerge as global Project Management Professional.